This post explains the different types of malicious requests/queries that can be scanned and blocked by BBQ Pro.

Request Variables

BBQ Pro protects your site by checking the following aspects of incoming requests:

  • Request URI
  • Query String
  • User Agent
  • IP Address
  • Referrer

IP matching supports single addresses and IP blocks.

Request Types

BBQ Pro protects against attacks in virtually all types of requests, including:

  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT
  • HEAD

Check out a complete list of Apache Request Method Types »

Request Properties

BBQ Pro also enables protection for the following request properties:

  • Block excessively long requests (optional)
  • Check both lowercase and uppercase patterns
  • Check both encoded and unencoded patterns (strict mode, optional)

Also scans arrays when included in the query-string!

Blocked Patterns

BBQ Pro includes three sets of patterns that may be enabled:

For more information, check out the BBQ Pro Docs and BBQ Pro Homepage »