BBQ Pro’s Custom Patterns enable you to add your own custom rules to BBQ Pro. In addition to the three types of patterns used for Basic and Advanced Patterns (i.e., Query String, Request URI, and User Agent), BBQ’s Custom Patterns include:

  • IP Address – Patterns defined in this section are matched against the IP address that is reported with each request. Patterns defined here should contain only numbers and dots, for example: 123.456.789. Note that these patterns are treated as regular expressions, such that a pattern of 123. will match every IP that begins with 123.. So exercise caution for best results.
  • Referrer – Patterns defined in this section are tested against the reported referrer. For example, if you keep getting bad requests from the site, you can add the URL in this section to block them.

Tip: to test User Agent Patterns and Referrer Patterns, check out this free request maker.