A customer recently wrote in with a pre-sales question, wondering basically why he should trade-up his current security plugin for BBQ Pro. This is a relatively common question, so here are my top “reasons to get BBQ Pro”..

Want to upgrade your site’s security?

Here is the basic type of question that I get from people who want to improve their site’s security:

I’m currently using this other security plugin on my site. It comes with it’s own firewall. Is there an advantage in disabling this and running BBQ Pro as the firewall?

Basically people know that WordPress security is important, and they want the best plugin to do the job. Having a dedicated plugin focused on securing your site with a strong firewall can be much better than using a plugin that tries to “do it all” with a million features, tons of bloat, and sluggish performance. It’s like the difference between getting that specialty item from a dedicated “mom & pop” store that knows what they are doing and and actually cares, or taking the easy route and grabbing it from a mega-box supercenter that couldn’t care less.

Why you should get BBQ Pro

So you know that you want the best possible security for your site, and getting a strong firewall that’s fast and flexible is a key part of making it happen. And so now you’re here, wondering about BBQ Pro.. is it worth it? Should you get it? As the developer of the plugin, I am admittedly biased, but here are some good reasons why I say “YES” you absolutely should get BBQ Pro.

  • Performance: BBQ Pro is faster than any other premium WP firewall.
  • Cost: BBQ Pro is less expensive than any other premium WP firewall.
  • License: BBQ Pro includes a lifetime license, so you don’t have to fork out more cash every year to get updates & support.
  • Support: I provide excellent, timely support. Check the testimonials.
  • Security: BBQ Pro is based on over 10 years of front-line, hands-on security research and development, integrating the best aspects of the 6G/7G Firewall and other proven techniques. It’s solid firewall security for WordPress.
  • Customization: BBQ Pro makes it easy to customize and fine-tune your firewall based on real-time statistics.
  • Quality: The developer of BBQ Pro is one of the world’s top WordPress/security experts with over 15 years experience. He is the author of four best-selling WordPress/security books, over 1,000 WordPress tutorials, and over 20 WordPress plugins. So you know that you’re getting the best possible plugin for your money.
  • Features: In addition to all of that, BBQ Pro is loaded with lots of cool features, you can check them out here.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what BBQ Pro users have to say:

“If you have been looking for a maintenance and configuration free, yet highly customizable strong web application firewall for your WordPress blogs and websites, install BBQ and forget about it.” — Robert Abela

“Is BBQ Pro ‘enough security’. YES, I use other tools in htaccess, Firewall on my server, Fail2Ban etc. and of course using strong passwords, dynamic IP blocking and not using admin as a username — is there any reason to use other WordPress security plugins? They seem ‘bloated’, complicated and redundant. That is why I like BBQ Pro — simple and it works.” — Frank Gomez

If you have any pre-sales questions or concerns about BBQ Pro, feel free to drop me a line — I’m always glad to help :)

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