BBQ Pro version 1.5 now available! The new version focuses on compatibility with WordPress 4.6, better translation support, and improved functionality and performance. BBQ Pro version 1.5 also adds some new firewall patterns and introduces an IP-whitelisting feature.

General Improvements

As if there weren’t enough reasons to get BBQ Pro, the new version is better than ever:

  • Improved IP-detection protocols for better accuracy
  • Added setting to optionally whitelist any IP addresses
  • Added new filter hook, bbq_ip_filter
  • Updates WP Admin Notices
  • Replaced BBQ Pro icon with hi-rez/retina version

Translation Improvements

The following changes were made to better support plugin translation:

  • Renamed /lang/ directory to /languages/
  • Replaced _e() with esc_html_e() or esc_attr_e()
  • Replaced __() with esc_html__() or esc_attr__()
  • Changed text-domain from “bbq” to “bbq-pro”
  • Generated new translation template

New Firewall Patterns

The following changes were made to BBQ patterns:

  • Added to Basic Patterns: .aspx
  • Replaced in Basic Patterns: proc/self/environ with self/environ
  • Removed from Advanced Patterns UA: docomo
  • Added to Advanced Patterns UA: seekerspider
  • Replaced in Advanced Patterns: muieblackcat with muieblack
  • Added to Advanced Patterns: /shell.php, benchmark(, sleep(, &pws=0, .bak

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, and further testing was performed on WP version 4.6. Also, new tutorials and docs are soon to be posted here at Plugin Planet. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for more details and complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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