BBQ Pro is very simple to use. Basically activate, maybe tweak some settings, and done. As with any plugin, it can be frustrating when things don’t work out of the box. This quick post explains a couple of things to check if BBQ Pro does not seem to be working for you.

Troubleshooting BBQ Pro

We develop BBQ Pro to be 100% free from all errors. But bugs and conflicts with other plugins and themes do happen in the WordPress arena, so here are some things to check if things don’t seem to be working.

Plugin Setting: Logged-in Users

The first thing to check is the plugin setting, Logged-in Users. If this setting is enabled, BBQ will ignore all requests from any logged-in users. So if you have enabled this setting and BBQ does not seem to be blocking test patterns, try disabling it. Alternately try logging out of WordPress. Either of these solutions should do the trick.

Plugin Setting: Whitelist IPs

The next thing to check is the plugin setting, Whitelist IPs. If this setting is enabled, BBQ will ignore all requests coming from any whitelisted IP addresses. So check the setting and either remove your IP address, or try testing using a VPN or proxy service (anything that changes your IP address). Either technique will get ’er done.

Check your error/debug logs

If neither of the above solutions are working for you, then there must be some other factor involved that’s interfering somehow. In such case, it is super helpful to check your site’s error and/or debug logs to see if there are any related errors, warnings, etc. Examining the error logs can provide very useful information that can help determine where things are going awry.

Check theme and other plugins

Lastly, if none of the above solutions yield any results, then most likely the issue is due to a conflict with some other plugin or maybe the theme you are using. In the world of WordPress, there are millions of plugins and themes out there, and so it’s not an uncommon thing for there to be conflicts. In this case, the best way to track down the cause of the issue is to do some basic troubleshooting of your WordPress site.