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BBQ Pro – Pattern Count

BBQ Pro records the number of times each pattern is used to block a request. This can be useful for troubleshooting, monitoring traffic, and fine-tuning your firewall. To change the count value for any pattern, edit the count field and click “Save Changes”.

BBQ Pro – Enable Patterns

When visiting the BBQ Firewall screen, you can check the checkbox for any pattern to enable it. Conversely, uncheck the checkbox for any pattern to disable it. Remember to click “Save Changes”.

BBQ Pro – Toggle Panels

To help manage your patterns, you can toggle each panel by clicking on its title. For example, to toggle the “Query String” panel, click on the title, “Query String”. Likewise for each of the other panels.

BBQ Pro – Basic Patterns

BBQ Pro’s Basic Patterns are the same patterns that are used in the free version of the plugin. They are well-tested and recommended for all WordPress-powered sites. There are three types of Basic Patterns:

BBQ Pro – Advanced Patterns

BBQ Pro’s Advanced Patterns protect against a wide variety of malicious requests and exploits. They primarily are derived from the 6G Firewall, 7G Firewall, and other security techniques. There are three types of Advanced Patterns:

BBQ Pro – Custom Patterns

BBQ Pro’s Custom Patterns enable you to add your own custom rules to BBQ Pro. In addition to the three types of patterns used for Basic and Advanced Patterns (i.e., Query String, Request URI, and User Agent), BBQ’s Custom Patterns include:

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