Here is a complete list of the shortcodes that can be used when creating custom email alerts for Blackhole Pro.

Email Alert Shortcodes

Shortcode Bot Infos
[ip_address] IP address
[ip_lookup] Displays link to free IP/Geo Lookup service
[request_uri] Request URI
[remote_host] Remote host
[user_agent] User agent
[referrer] Referrer
[protocol] HTTP Protocol
[method] Method (e.g., GET, POST)
[date] Time and date of request
[whois] Whois lookup results
[user] Logged-in user (if applicable)
[code] Country code
[country] Country
[region] Region
[city] City
[zip] Zip Code
[hits] Number of blocked hits
[latest] Date/time of latest blocked hit
[domain] Current domain name
[site_name] Current site name
[login] URL of WP Login Page

Ideas for new shortcodes welcome, your feedback always is appreciated.