Blackhole Pro provides plenty of hooks for customizing and extending functionality. Here is a complete list for reference.

Action Hooks

Action Description
blackhole_trigger Fires when the blackhole trigger is added to the page
blackhole_scanner Fires when the blackhole scanner checks the request
blackhole_reset_options Fires when plugin settings are restored to defaults
blackhole_reset_badbots Fires when the bad bot log is cleared/emptied
blackhole_delete_bot Fires when a bot is deleted via the bad bot log
blackhole_add_bot Fires when a bot is added (manually) to the bad bot log
blackhole_log_bot Fires when a bot is added (automatically) to the bad bot log
blackhole_settings_contextual_help Fires when the Settings Contextual Help is displayed
blackhole_badbots_contextual_help Fires when the Bad Bots Log Contextual Help is displayed
blackhole_license_contextual_help Fires when the License Contextual Help is displayed

Filter Hooks

Filter Description
blackhole_options Filters the default plugin options array
blackhole_badbots Filters the default array of bad bots
blackhole_default_bot Filters the example bad bot array
blackhole_get_options Filters the global Blackhole options array
blackhole_get_badbots Filters the global Blackhole bad bots array
blackhole_trigger_default Filters the default blackhole trigger output
blackhole_trigger_image Filters the image trigger output
blackhole_trigger_custom Filters the custom trigger output
blackhole_trigger_location Filters the default trigger location
blackhole_vars Filters the array of variables retrieved for each bot
blackhole_date Filters the date string for each bad bot
blackhole_geo_url Filters the raw Geo/IP Lookup results
blackhole_geo_data Filters the array of JSON-formatted Geo/IP Lookup data
blackhole_ip_filter Filters flags for the IP validation function
blackhole_ip_keys Filters headers for the IP detection function
blackhole_alert_name Filters the name for email alerts
blackhole_alert_subject Filters the subject for email alerts
blackhole_alert_headers Filters the headers for email alerts
blackhole_alert_message Filters the message for email alerts
blackhole_alert_custom Filters the message for custom email alerts
blackhole_email_address Filters the address for email alerts
blackhole_alert_ip_lookup Filters the GeoIP lookup results
blackhole_log Filters the array of bot data added to the Bad Bots Log
blackhole_needle Filters the log field that is checked for existing bots
blackhole_message_default Filters the default message displayed to blocked bots
blackhole_message_custom Filters the custom message displayed to blocked bots
blackhole_message_void Filters the “Into the Void” message displayed to blocked bots
blackhole_output_redgiant Filters the “Red Giant” message displayed to blocked bots
blackhole_ignore_backend Filters whether or not to ignore the WP Admin Area
blackhole_ignore_login Filters whether or not to ignore the WP Login Page
blackhole_block_status Filters the status code sent to blocked bots
blackhole_block_protocol Filters the protocol used for blocked bots
blackhole_block_connection Filters the Connection header for blocked bots
blackhole_allowed_tags Filters the array of allowed tags for plugin settings
blackhole_status_codes Filters the array of available Status Codes
blackhole_log_data Filters the returned array of bad bots in search results
blackhole_locale Filters the default locale via get_locale()
blackhole_verify_nonce Filters the nonce return for the Blackhole scanner
blackhole_pro_geo_lookup_log Filters the log message for GeoIP lookup errors
blackhole_pro_validate_ip_log Filters the log message for invalid IP errors
blackhole_template_filename Filters the file name for the custom warning template
blackhole_custom_dir Filters the directory path for the custom warning template
blackhole_robots_rules Filters the Blackhole robots.txt rules
blackhole_domain Filters the domain used to generate the Blackhole robots.txt rules
blackhole_dash_icon Filters the plugin icon used on the WP dashboard
blackhole_whois_port Filters the whois lookup port
blackhole_whois_server Filters the whois lookup server

If you need a hook added, drop me a line, will be glad to hook it up ;)