GA Google Analytics Pro is the easy way to add your Google Analytics tracking code! Gives you full control over GA tracking on your site. Super-duper lightweight and fast. Supports all the latest Google Analytics tracking techniques. Simply add your Tracking ID and done. After 24-48 hours, you can log in to your Google account and view all the wonderful statistics and data :)

Quick Tour

As shown in the GA Pro screenshots, the settings screen is organized via tabbed UI as follows:

  • Configure – Configure basic options
  • Customize – Add multiple GA trackers
  • Advanced – Disable tracking and more
  • Opt Out – Display an opt out for visitors
  • About – About the plugin, WP, server, and more
  • License – Enter license key to enable GA Pro

So you can configure your Primary Tracking code in the “Configure” settings. Then you can visit the “Customize” settings to add more tracking or custom codes. The “Advanced” tab provides settings to control when and where Primary Tracking should be enabled or disabled. And if you want to give visitors the option to opt in/out of GA tracking, visit the “Opt Out” settings to configure your options.

How to use GA Pro

First make sure you have a Google Analytics account. There you can get a Tracking ID for your site. Once you have that, you’re all set. Visit the GA Pro settings and enter your Tracking ID under the Configure tab. Save changes and done. For more fleshed-out version of these steps, check out the GA Pro Quick Start Guide.

Going Further

After enabling basic GA tracking, you can adjust any other desired settings to dial in the perfect tracking code for your site. For example, you can change the Tracking Method and enable support for features like Display Advertising, Link Attribution, IP Anonymization, Force SSL, and much more. This is just a Quick Start Guide, so for more information check out the following resources:

Documentation & Help

In addition to the above online resources, GA Pro includes complete inline documentation, such that the plugin page provides contextual help via the Help tab. At any time you can click the Help button for additional information, notes, and tips.

Note that the GA Pro Docs are a work in progress; check back soon or grab the GA Pro Feed to stay current. If you have questions or need help, log in and head over to the Support Forum or send an email for direct support.

To learn more, check out the GA Pro Homepage »