Travel deeper into space with Blackhole Pro version 1.2! This latest version improves performance, adds some new features, and tests on WordPress 4.9 (alpha). All plugin owners can update Blackhole Pro automatically (if supported) in the WP Admin Area. Otherwise, members can log in anytime to download the latest version.


Improvements in Blackhole Pro 1.2:

  • Refactors core to call blackhole_get_geo only when logging
  • Adds support for CIDR notation for whitelisted IPs
  • Adds function to ignore command-line requests
  • Adds logic to ignore WP-Cron requests
  • Updates contextual help (Help tab)
  • Updates documentation/readme.txt

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, and testing was performed on WP version 4.9 (alpha). Also, new tutorials and docs are posted here at Plugin Planet. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for more details and complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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