Official launch of our latest premium WordPress plugin, GA Pro! Like the free version, GA Pro is a lightweight plugin that connects WordPress to Google Analytics. Simple to set up and includes a wealth of sweet options to add virtually any GA tracking configuration. So you can make sure it’s done right, and take full advantage of all the sweet statistics provided via your Google Analytics account.

Full Control

GA Pro gives you full control over your GA tracking code. Visit the Configure tab, enter your GA Tracking ID, and done. From there you can optionally change the tracking method, add GA features like Display Advertising, Link Attribution, Force SSL, and more. Choose the location of your tracking code, enable or disable tracking on specific pages, and add multiple/custom trackers, and much more. Pro version really levels up with great features like visitor Opt Out and previews of all your tracking codes. So you have complete control over every detail.


Here are some screenshots showing some of the settings and features of GA Pro. First is a shot of the “Configure” settings, where you can configure your Primary GA Tracking and related features (click image for full-size view).

GA Pro - Plugin Settings

And here is a screenshot of the visitor Opt-Out Box, displayed on the frontend (click image for full-size view).

GA Pro: Visitor Opt-Out (Frontend)

Check out more screenshots on the GA Pro Homepage »

Pro Features

Here are the top features of GA Pro:

  • Features a sweet visitor Opt-Out Box
  • Provides a Live Preview of all tracking codes
  • Enables adding of multiple tracking codes
  • Supports any Custom Code (HTML, JavaScript, et al)
  • Configure the location of all tracking codes
  • Disable tracking of all logged-in users
  • Disable Tracking for any Post IDs, User Roles, Post Types
  • Disable Tracking for Search Results and Post Archives
  • Display Opt-Out Box automatically or via shortcode
  • Complete Inline Help/Documentation
  • Priority plugin help and support

Plus everything the free version can do, giving you complete control and flexibility to dial in the perfect GA tracking on your WordPress-powered site.

Go Pro!

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