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“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and presales) Questions about SES Pro.

Is SES Pro MultiSite compatible?

SES Pro is not officially tested on MultiSite, but there are plans for support in a future version.

I want to display the signup form automatically on all pages on the site. How do I do this?

Add the following template tag to your theme’s footer.php file, just before the closing body tag, </body>:

<?php echo ses_pro(); ?>

Alternately, you can use the following (makes it a bit easier to customize with attributes):

<?php echo do_shortcode('[ses_pro]'); ?>

Now that the form is displayed on all pages, how do I make it a lightbox-style popup?

Add the enable_popup attribute to the shortcode or template tag, like so:

  • Shortcode: [ses_pro enable_popup="300,3000"]
  • Template Tag: <?php echo ses_pro(array('enable_popup' => '300,3000')); ?>
  • Shortcode via Tag: <?php echo do_shortcode('[ses_pro enable_popup="300,3000"]'); ?>

Note that the first number, 300, refers to the width of the form, which you can determine via the Form Styles screen. The second number, 3000, refers to the delay interval for the popup. Check out this post for more information.

Now that the popup form is working, I want to change the style of the form, how do I do that?

Add the style attribute to the form, specifying the style that you would like to use, for example:

  • Shortcode: [ses_pro style="3" enable_popup="300,3000"]
  • Template Tag: <?php echo ses_pro(array('enable_popup' => '300,3000', 'style' => '3')); ?>
  • Shortcode via Tag: <?php echo do_shortcode('[ses_pro style="3" enable_popup="300,3000"]'); ?>

Note that you can choose from any style available in the Form Styles screen.

Great, the form looks and acts how I would like, but I want to add another field to the form, like “Phone”.

Visit SES Pro Settings and change the value of “Custom Field 1” to “Phone”, save changes. Then visit Form Styles to fine-tune the form style to accommodate the new field.

Aha, I need help with customizing the form styles via the Form Styles screen.. I don’t know CSS, can you help?

I am glad to provide basic help with form styles so that your form looks good with extra fields, etc. For more advanced form designs, you will need to hire a developer (or DIY).

How do I send SMTP mail?

First visit SES Pro Settings to enter your SMTP details. Then while writing your email via SES Email screen, select the “SMTP” option in the “Email Options” panel.

How do I send a test email?

Visit the Subscribers screen, add an email address, and then edit its “Form” value in the subscriber list (make it something obvious, like “Test”). Then visit the Send Email screen and select “Test” from the dropdown, and click Send.

How do I import/export subscriber data?

Both are done via the Subscribers screen. Note that the import file must be formatted specifically. See the instructions on the Import settings for more information.

Where can I find more information about SES Pro, like attributes, hooks, and so forth?

Visit the SES Pro homepage @ That’s a great place to get a better idea, or if there is something specific feature-wise you are curious about, just use the contact form :)