Heads up! SES Pro is retiring. All plugin documentation will remain online for reference purposes. Learn more »

Welcome to the SES Pro Documentation. SES Pro enables you to create and customize unlimited signup forms and newsletters, and then manage and send them to as many subscribers as desired. Never any recurring fees or reliance on any 3rd-party service. Once you’ve purchased the plugin, you have complete control over your own DIY email signup campaigns — with NO LIMITS on anything.

SES Pro lightweight, secure, and easy to use. It integrates easily with your WordPress theme: use shortcodes to display signup forms exactly as required, anywhere on your WordPress-powered site.

Features of SES Pro include:
  • Easy setup with zero coding skills required
  • Ajax-powered signup forms and settings screens
  • Add signup forms via shortcodes and/or template tags
  • No restrictions on subscribers, emails, or anything
  • Display unlimited number of signup forms anywhere
  • Includes 10 predefined, customizable form styles
  • Add signup forms anywhere via text widget
  • Live preview style editor for all forms
  • Super slick email sending interface
  • Slide-in signup forms
  • Lightbox/popup forms
  • Single or double opt-in
  • One-click easy opt-out
  • Robust email/newsletter editor
  • Smart email sending via Mail or SMTP
  • Send email attachments and inline images
  • Compose and send email in HTML or plain-text
  • Send each newsletter to custom CC/BCC recipients
  • Add unsubscribe link to any email via shortcode
  • Import and export subscribers/emails with no limits
  • Add, edit, and delete subscribers from the WP Admin Area
  • Send test email to test subscribers
  • Option to auto-send welcome email for each form
  • Customize welcome and opt-in emails for each form
  • Custom error messages for each form
  • Custom success message for each form
  • Full language/translation support
  • Supports three custom form fields in addition to name and email
  • Custom form IDs for each form to create unique campaigns
  • Super-tight, super-secure construction via the WP API
  • Perfect for small sites who want to grow awesome lists
  • Automatically resume interrupted sending of email
  • Precision script loading for better performance
  • Google fonts support for advanced form styling
  • Developer friendly, lots of hooks to play with
  • Includes a set of sample subscribers (CSV format)
  • Drop-dead easy to use for everyone
  • Robust, hearty documentation :)

I designed SES Pro for use on my own sites. I wanted something that gave me full control without sacrificing functionality. If you are running your own smaller-scale website, I think you’ll appreciate the simplicity and ease of use that SES Pro provides.

SES Pro is a plugin for admins who want to set up and run their own newsletters and campaigns without forking over monthly fees or relying on any 3rd-party service. Simple, elegant, and fully functional for much less cash than other solutions.

The SES Docs are a work in progress; check back soon or grab the SES Pro Feed for free updates.

If you have questions or need help, log in and head over to the Support Forum or send an email for direct support.