USP Pro makes it possible to customize what is displayed after a form is submitted successfully. This tutorial shows some examples of different ways to do this, so you can fine-tune the user experience for your USP Forms.

Ways to customize the success message

Here is a list of ways that the success message can be customized with USP Pro:

  • Add a “reset form” button – include this shortcode in the form: [usp_reset_button]
  • Customize the success message – via the plugin settings: Advanced > Success Message
  • Redirect users to their submitted post, applies when “Default Post Status” is set to “Always publish immediately”. Setting located under the General settings > “Redirect to Post”.
  • Display the submission form with the success message. Setting located under Advanced > “Display Form on Success”.
  • Redirect to any fixed URL. This is advanced use only, see the setting under Advanced > “Redirect URL for Success”.

If you have questions about any of these techniques, feel free to post in the USP Support Forum, or contact us directly.