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USP Pro makes it easy to create unlimited custom forms for the front-end of your site. Use the USP Form Builder and USP Quicktags to assemble the perfect form in minutes. Once published, USP Forms may be displayed anywhere in your theme using the USP Widget, shortcodes, or template tags. USP Forms may include text, markup, shortcodes, images, and anything that a normal WP Post can handle. USP Forms may include any type of input field (e.g., input, textarea, radio, select, password, email). Further, each form field may be customized via Quicktag or custom field, giving you full control over labels, placeholders, required attributes, and much more.

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  1. GingerFebruary 18, 2014

    Hi there!

    I am planning to create some email contact forms for my users, but would like to have the “From field” come directly from their emails, not the WP admin email. Is this possible?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 18, 2014

      Hi Ginger,

      Yes, thanks to your idea, I’ve added this feature to the soon-to-be-released v1.3 of USP Pro. The update should be available sometime tomorrow. Thank you :)

      • GingerFebruary 18, 2014

        Oh awesome! :)

      • GingerFebruary 18, 2014

        Is there a way to get notifications when there are responses to our comments? I totally missed your response here. Didn’t see it until I went back to post another question! :)

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrFebruary 18, 2014

        Oh good call! I usually install the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin for that, but seemed to have overlooked it for this site. Will get it set up tomorrow :)

      • GingerFebruary 18, 2014

        Thanks, Jeff!

    • GingerFebruary 18, 2014

      Hi again. I poked around a bit and it looks like it was just an old plugin getting in the way. False alarm!

  2. GingerFebruary 18, 2014

    Thanks for the plugin, Jeff!

    I have a few more questions about the contact form. Hope you don’t mind. I am finding the docs a little hard to follow.

    #1 Can I create more than one contact form?

    Say I’d like to create an email form for bug reports, and another email form for general inquiries. How do I go about this? When I create a new form, it seems to only create a “submit a post” form and not an email form.


    #2 How do I add extra text fields in my contact form?

    I would like to create extra text fields in my contact form, but this info doesn’t show up in the email. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but here’s an outline:

    – Editing the sample Contact Form that was generated from the plugin, I added some custom field shortcodes:

    – They show up as “Example Label” and “Example Field” fields

    – When I submit the form, however, my email message only shows info for the pre-created fields and nothing for the custom info.

    Do let me know if I can provide more info.

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2014

      This turned out to be a bug that’s fixed in version 1.3, which will be available later tonight. Once the update hits, the following information should help:

      Can I create more than one contact form?

      Yes, first visit Admin Settings > Contact Form > “Enable Contact Form”. Then enter the form id or slug that you want to use as a contact form. Multiple forms may be specified using comma-separated slugs/ids.

      How do I add extra text fields in my contact form?

      The issue described here is also related to the now-fixed bug. After updating USP Pro to version 1.3 or better, custom fields may be included as normal with any contact form.

      Thank you for reporting the issue!

  3. New UserFebruary 19, 2014

    Where can I change the maximum allowed characters for the content field?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2014

      Just add the max attribute to the shortcode, like so:

      [usp_content max="10"]

      Also be sure to also include any other attributes that you may be using.

  4. New UserFebruary 19, 2014

    I created my first form and it won’t list out the categories.

    Here is the short code I’m using and it only shows the uncategorized in the select box:

    [usp_category class="" label="" required="no" cats="8,22" size="" multiple="yes"]

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2014

      For the category field, make sure that you have enabled the categories for use in the plugin settings under General > Category Settings > “Post Categories”. Once the categories are selected from there, they will be available for use via shortcode as you’ve done.

  5. Mike DohertyFebruary 20, 2014


    I’m creating a form for users to submit content to my site. As part of the form, I need the user to be able to choose to give consent for their post to be used outside of the site. A sort of ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’.

    I am trying to create a custom field for this, with either a checkbox or radio button that determines a yes or no value. How can I make something like this happen?

    Thanks, Mike

  6. New UserMarch 10, 2014

    How do I include a custom textarea in the form? I see the content shortcode for adding post content field, but for additional textareas via custom fields, how to do it? Thank you.

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMarch 10, 2014

      To include a custom <textarea> in any USP Form, first define a custom field such as:


      ..and then include it by adding its shortcode to the form, like so:

      [usp_custom_field form="123" id="1"]

      Note that the “1” in this example refers to the custom field, and the “123” refers to the form ID.

  7. New UserMarch 10, 2014

    How do I make the post content field a rich text field?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMarch 10, 2014

      When displaying the content field using the shortcode, the rich-text editor may be enabled by including richtext="on" attribute to the shortcode. Learn more »

  8. New UserMarch 10, 2014

    I have a plugin that allows me to use shortcodes to call the user’s data. So I want to have some of the form items prefilled for them:

    Name: [name-shortcode]
    Phone: [phone-shortocde]
    Email: [email-shortocde]
    	Name: [name-shortcode]<br />
    	Phone:[phone-shortocde]<br />
    	Email: [email-shortocde]<br />
    	City, State: [address-shortocde]

    How would I do this with USP Pro? Thank you.

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMarch 10, 2014

      My pleasure, glad to help. This should work:

      <fieldset class="usp-fieldset usp-fieldset-default">
      <label for="usp-name" class="usp-label">Your Name</label>
      <input name="usp-name" type="text" value="[name-shortcode]" data-required="true" maxlength="99" placeholder="Your Name" class="usp-input" />
      <input name="usp-name-required" value="1" type="hidden" />
      <fieldset class="usp-fieldset usp-fieldset-default">
      <label for="usp-custom-phone" class="usp-label">Phone</label>
      <input name="usp-custom-phone" type="text" value="[phone-shortcode]" data-required="true" placeholder="Phone" class="usp-input" />
      <input name="usp-custom-phone-required" value="1" type="hidden" />
      <fieldset class="usp-fieldset usp-fieldset-default">
      <label for="usp-email" class="usp-label">Email Address</label>
      <input name="usp-email" type="text" value="[email-shortocde]" data-required="true" maxlength="99" placeholder="Email Address" class="usp-input" />
      <input name="usp-email-required" value="1" type="hidden" />
      <fieldset class="usp-fieldset usp-fieldset-default">
      <label for="usp-content" class="usp-label">Post Content</label>
      <textarea name="usp-content" rows="5" cols="30" maxlength="999" data-required="true" placeholder="Post Content" class="usp-input usp-input-content">Name: [name-shortcode]<br />Phone:[phone-shortocde]<br />Email: [email-shortocde]<br />City, State: [address-shortocde]</textarea>
      <input name="usp-content-required" value="1" type="hidden" />

      ..add directly to the form and customize as needed. Assuming the other plugin’s shortcodes work in custom post types, everything should work great.

  9. Dana LoganMarch 25, 2014

    Hello and thanks for this plugin… I really like it. The problem I am having is I have two different forms. I want to show several categories on each form but not all. All of the categories are checked in the General settings. When I input a shortcode like this – [usp_category cats="184,185,186" multiple="no"] all categories still show up instead of just the individual categories I would like available on that form.. I probably just have something set wrong to make it happen, but I would really appreciate any help you could give. Thank you..

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMarch 26, 2014

      Hi Dana, I’m glad you like the plugin :) For the categories, I’ve added an attribute to the [usp_category] shortcode that enables the exclusion of any specific categories by ID. That will enable the configuration you describe. The updated plugin should be available today or tomorrow. Thank you for the feedback.

  10. Dana LoganMarch 26, 2014

    Wow Jeff, that is awesome… Thank You so much… Best customer service ever!

  11. Dana HendricksonApril 28, 2014

    Jeff, I have created a USP form to be used to submit a single video with each post but have not figured out to enable the upload.

    Please point me to instructions. Thank you.

    Form is at

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrApril 28, 2014

      Hi Dana, just create a new form and add these shortcodes:

      [usp_files types="flv,mov,etc"]

      For the types, just replace those examples with the allowed video extensions. Note that the same extensions used here must also be specified in the Uploads setting for allowed file types.

  12. Dana HendricksonApril 28, 2014


    Thanks for the rapid and clear response!

    Does this mean my registered users can only upload videos from their computers or can they also enter URLs when they find one online?


    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrApril 28, 2014

      With the current version, 1.6, users can submit videos from their own machines (using the previous method), or they can include a supported video URL on its own line in the main content field (i.e., WP’s oEmbed method). Uploading videos via URL currently is not supported, but it’s on the list for a next update.

  13. Dana HendricksonApril 29, 2014

    Okay, Jeff

    thanks for the help and “heads-up” on your priorities!


  14. Martin WolfOctober 27, 2015

    Hey Jeff,

    I’m happily using USP Pro but I ran into a problem with custom taxonomies.

    I created an input for my custom taxonomy called ‘submission_tag’ and I let the user create the tags like so:

    <input name="usp-taxonomy-submission_tag" type="text" value="" data-required="true" required="required" maxlength="99" placeholder="Tags, comma separated" class="usp-input usp-input-tags c-submissions-form__input c-submissions-form__input--no-margin">

    This is working but if a user types in a tag, that already exists and submits the form, it breaks:

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /.../wp-content/plugins/usp-pro/inc/usp-process.php on line 247

    The custom post type post is created, but without the custom taxonomy though. I basically need a field like the normal tag field but for a custom taxonomy. Is this possible?


  15. New UserDecember 19, 2015

    How do I active my reCAPTCHA Public keys its says “To enable, enter your Public Key and Private Key” I don’t have a private key, what’s going on?

  16. Stanfield GrayAugust 9, 2017

    Hey Jeff,

    We’ve created custom fields. Is it possible to re-use those custom fields on multiple forms? I know it’s got the form ID assigned…


    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrAugust 9, 2017

      Hi Stanfield, glad to help. Actually custom fields are valid only on the form for which they are defined.

      • Stanfield GrayAugust 9, 2017

        Thanks for the quick reply, Jeff. Before you replied, I added some custom fields defined in one form to a different form and submitted a test and it seemed to work…please let me know if I shouldn’t do this, though.


      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrAugust 9, 2017

        Honestly it might or even should work, but it’s just not something that I’ve tested. So can’t recommend officially. Best to keep custom fields unique to each form, is my best recommendation.

  17. New UserNovember 25, 2017

    I am using a USP Pro.. is there a way to make the “Submit Post” button larger?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrNovember 25, 2017

      Glad to help. There isn’t a setting or shortcode/attribute to change the size, but just about anything on any web page can be customized with a bit of CSS. For example, you can add the following CSS to make the button larger:

      input.usp-submit.usp-submit-default {
              display: block;
              width: 200px;
              height: 50px;
              font-size: 16px;
              line-height: 50px;
              padding: 0;

  18. Rick CameronJuly 13, 2019

    How do you get the shortcode buttons on the editor like is shown in the videos?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrJuly 13, 2019

      Glad to help. When the Quicktag buttons are not displayed, it means the required JavaScript for some reason did not get loaded with the page. Here are some things that you can try:

      • Click the Plain Text button, then try toggling back and forth between RTE and Plain Text
      • Force/hard reload the page
      • Empty/clear your browser cache/cookies

      One of those should do the trick, let me know how it goes.

      • Rick CameronJuly 13, 2019

        none worked. What editor are you using?

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrJuly 13, 2019

        It works in all browsers. It’s a common issue due to things like browser caching and conflicts with other plugins. If none of the above work, you can try troubleshooting your plugins. Would be glad to provide a guide if you are unfamiliar with basic troubleshooting steps.

      • Rick CameronJuly 13, 2019

        Got it working. Thanks

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrJuly 13, 2019

        Awesome, glad you got it.

  19. Lisa NormanAugust 24, 2019

    Hi, Jeff.

    Right now I have one category enabled. I’d really like to be able to have the category assigned to posts from this form be one specific category. I’d prefer the field wasn’t even on the form, but the problem is that I want other forms in future to be able to post to other categories…if that makes sense? The free version seemed to have the ability to hide that field, and set it in the form, but I haven’t been able to find the instructions on how to do that with Pro. Thanks!

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