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  1. Linda CarterJune 24, 2020

    I just got rid of the problem with it hanging if I did not submit an image. What changed it was adding multiple="true". I’ve always had required="false". I also had label="something" or other but deleted it.

    Now if I could just get it to clear the form.

    • Jeff StarrJune 24, 2020

      Yeah shortcodes can have more than one attribute. So for example, you can have a shortcode that has multiple, required, and label attributes.

  2. Linda CarterJune 24, 2020

    How’s this for a jack-legged workaround?

    .usp-success {
    	font-size: 2rem;
    	text-align: center;
    	color: red;
    	margin: 0 0 48rem;

    The ‘success’ message is huge, red and the form is pushed down out of sight. I would like to get to the bottom of this, but oh well.

    • Jeff StarrJune 24, 2020

      It’s difficult to “guess” at what you might be working with theme-wise. The USP plugin does not add any font-sizes, so most likely what you are seeing is due to your theme’s stylesheet. Without having seen the form my best advice would be to contact the theme provider, who will know best how to modify the appearance of their theme, including anything you might want to add (like forms, messages, etc.).

  3. Linda CarterJune 24, 2020

    I have written a child theme of WordPress default theme Twenty Twenty. I’ve written about 450 lines of css. That’s it. Other than that, it’s pure Twenty Twenty. I’m having exactly the same problems when I revert back to 2020 or use 2017.

    The CSS above is what I wrote to work-around the inability to get rid of the form AFTER the success message.

  4. Linda CarterJune 24, 2020

    On to other problems. It displays strangely.

    The author and book link display twice, even though they are in the form only once. The book link in the first instance has a link in the code, but I cannot get it to display. I’ve examined all the CSS involved via Chrome’s Inspect, and tried adjusting the CSS to make it display. I’ve been writing CSS for 15 years and have never seen anything like this.

    The author’s website link does not display. It’s in the custom code section that displays on the back-end, but not within the post. I am using the most current WordPress default theme, Twenty Twenty. The only plugins activated are USP and Helper, plus “Classic Editor” since I can’t make the custom fields visible in Gutenberg editor. Is this compatible with Gutenberg?

    • Jeff StarrJune 25, 2020

      Yes posts submitted with USP Pro are handled by WordPress just like regular posts. So they work with anything that works with regular posts, because that’s what they are. So things like plugins, themes, Gutenberg, and anything that works with regular posts also works with submitted posts — because they are the same thing.

  5. Linda CarterJune 26, 2020

    Okay, I’ve just realized that there will need to be a human editor to adjust these submission posts. That’s fine. What is anomalous at the moment is that I have turned off the front-end display in Helper and deleted any submitted images from the post’s custom field list but I can’t get rid of it being displayed a second time at the bottom of the post.

    Is there some other cache I can be clearing? I’m doing “Clear Browser Cache” in Chrome to no avail. Forget to mention that when I deactivate USP the duplicate image goes away.

    • Jeff StarrJune 26, 2020

      “Forget to mention that when I deactivate USP the duplicate image goes away.”

      Yeah that’s the key. The plugin has two settings that determine auto-displayed images, both located under the “Uploads” tab on the plugin settings page.

      • Auto-Display Images
      • Featured Images

      Have a look at disabling one (or both) of those settings should do the trick.

  6. john wilkinsSeptember 17, 2020

    Free version verses Pro.
    Free version in submit I can select “optional” for post title and content, but can’t find it in Pro edition

    • Jeff StarrSeptember 17, 2020

      In pro version all form fields are added via shortcodes. So to make a field required or not is done like this:

      [usp_name required="true"]
      [usp_title required="true"]
      [usp_content required="true"]

      That would set those fields as required. Change true to false to make them optional. Here is more infos: USP Pro – Required Fields.

  7. Anne LévesqueJune 3, 2021

    Hi! I need only the logged-in users to be able to post. It was easy with the free version, but I can’t find the option in USP Pro. Can you guide me? Thanks!

    • Jeff StarrJune 3, 2021

      Yes with pro access control is more flexible, here is a guide that explains how to set it up. Basically you just wrap your form shortcode with another shortcode, very straightforward.

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