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  1. Courtney BesterApril 24, 2017

    Hi. I have added custom fields to my form. Once a user has submitted the form, where can one view this info?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrApril 25, 2017

      In the WordPress Admin Area, you can view the attached custom fields by visiting Edit Post, and then enabling display of the “Custom Fields” meta box. On the front-end, you can use the free Helper Plugin to display any custom fields along with any necessary markup.

  2. Danyel AndréNovember 13, 2017

    When users post their own content it is stored as plain text without any formatting. No line breaks, no headlines…nothing.

    How to solve that?

  3. New UserNovember 25, 2017

    Hi, I like the USP Pro and I am considering to install it. However, it is not clear to me if an user can edit their posts after submitting?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrNovember 25, 2017

      Glad to help. Posts submitted via USP are treated by WordPress just like regular posts that you create via the Admin Area. So users will be able to do the same things for submitted posts that they can do for regular posts. For example:

      • If the person submitting the post is an Contributor, Author, Editor, or Admin, they will be able to log in anytime and edit/delete their posts via the Admin Area > Edit Post screen
      • If the person submitting the post is a Subscriber, they can log in, but not edit or delete any posts

      Also check out more info on User Roles.

  4. New UserNovember 25, 2017

    Hi. I am getting the following error when trying to submit my form:

    “ERROR: Important! Please fix the following issues: Incorrect form type. Please notify the administrator.”

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrNovember 25, 2017

      Hi. That error means that you have specified an incorrect form type for the plugin feature, “Extra Form Security”. The quick solution is to disable that feature by unchecking the “Enable this feature” box (under the USP General tab). Then, here is a tutorial that explains how to configure it properly.

  5. New UserNovember 25, 2017

    I purchased the pro version and created a form that includes a category dropdown. the dropdown does not work – if i click it, nothing happens. i also tried to change it to checkboxes but it doesn’t change the look (it stays a dropdown). can you please give me an answer what to do or which setting i need to use in order to make it work.

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrNovember 25, 2017

      Glad to help. It sounds like maybe no categories have been selected for the field. There are several ways to specify which categories are included/displayed. There are two ways of doing this:

      Globally, via the plugin settings:

      1. Visit plugin General settings > Category Settings > “Post Categories”
      2. Select any categories that should be displayed by default in any form (click the toggle link to view categories)

      Or, locally, per form, via the category shortcode:

      For example, something like this: [usp_category include="all_include_empty"]

      When you use all_include_empty for the include attribute, the category field will display all categories, even they do not contain any posts. More info about the category shortcode. More info about adding categories.

  6. Martin

    Martin ErlicFebruary 19, 2018

    I want the submitted post to have no Post Content. Can I add a [usp_content] field in my post, set the placeholder = “” and then hide the field? It seems that even if I don’t include post_content that the body of my post stills says “Post Content” when submitted.

  7. Martin

    Martin ErlicFebruary 21, 2018

    I noticed that you can set a few parameters for [usp_pro_display_posts]., as per

    Is there a way to display posts by “post category?” That would be amazing!

  8. Simon PatzMarch 21, 2018

    After a User(member) has completed the form, the form is no longer displayed to the user. So if the user comes back to the page with the form, the form is not displayed to the user anymore.
    is that possible?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMarch 21, 2018

      There is a setting under the plugin Advanced tab that controls whether or not the form is displayed after successful submit. It’s one of the first few options, named “Display Form on Success”.

      • Simon PatzMarch 21, 2018

        thx for your help. but thats not what i am looking for. after the user has successful submit the form, i want the form hide from the user. if he coms back to the page it should not possible for him to see it or fill it out again.
        Sorry i know my english is not the best.

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrMarch 21, 2018

        Yeah, that’s exactly what the setting, “Display Form on Success”, controls. Uncheck/disable the setting, and the form will not be displayed after successful submission. Unless I am not understanding what you are trying to do.

      • Simon PatzMarch 21, 2018

        yes. but if the user comes back to the page withe the form, the form is not hidden anymore. after submit the user should never see the form again.

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrMarch 21, 2018

        Ah, so you want to display the form only once per user, correct? If so, that is not a feature of the current version, but something similar will be available as a paid extension (i.e., limit the number of posts per user).

      • Simon PatzMarch 21, 2018

        yes. but i dont know if limit the number of posts per user will do the job. because i want 6 different forms per user and every form should display only once per user.

        it is realy importent for my project. Is this not possible in any way?

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrMarch 21, 2018

        I understand. It’s not a current feature of the plugin, however it would be possible for a developer to build a plugin that would enable such complex functionality.

  9. New UserMay 17, 2018

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m new to WP and USP Pro – but I’ll try to explain my challenge…

    I’m using “custom custom fields” to add some hidden information to the post – but I want the value to contain quotes (like a:1:{i:0;s:3:"198";}), which I can’t make work. Can I achieve it in any way?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMay 17, 2018

      Glad to help. So what is happening is that the custom field values (e.g., a:1:{i:0;s:3:"198";}) are HTML-encoded for security. That means that the values are in the database with any special characters (like quotes) encoded to their entity equivalents.

      So to get/use the un-encoded values, you can do something like this when accessing the custom field:

      $val = htmlspecialchars_decode($val, ENT_QUOTES);

      Also for more information, check out the “note about special characters” in this tutorial (about halfway down the page).

  10. New UserMay 17, 2018

    Hi Jeff,

    Whats the simplest way to execute additional PHP code on form submit? I want to add a role to a user when after they submit a certain form. So want to run this

    // Get the user object
    $user = get_userdata($user_id);
    // If user exists
    if ($user && $user->exists()) {
    	// Add a new role to the user, while retaining the previous ones

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMay 17, 2018

      Glad to help. The best hook for this would be: usp_get_field_val_before

      Located in get_field_val(), @ line 2090 in /inc/usp-process.php


      do_action('usp_get_field_val_before', $_POST);

      So in your hook function, you can grab the $_POST variable and verify, for example:

      if (
      	isset($_POST['usp_form_submit']) && empty($_POST['usp-verify']) && 
      	wp_verify_nonce($_POST['usp_form_submit'], 'usp_form_submit')
      ) {
      	// do stuff..

  11. New UserMay 17, 2018

    Hello, just bought the USP Pro plugin and am excited to get going but for some reason, my form builder page is not displaying any quicktag buttons to add to my form. I know there are other ways to do it but I’m fairly new and would want to start with a basic quicktag built form. Did I miss something in my configuration , a box that needs checking somewhere in settings maybe? I’ve looked and couldn’t find the solution amongst the many setting options. Could you please help? Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question!

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrMay 17, 2018

      Glad to help. That can happen when the plugin JavaScript isn’t loaded correctly. Can usually be fixed by one or more of the following:

      • Force/hard refresh of browser (on the USP Forms page)
      • Clear browser cache and cookies and trying again (or try with a different/clean browser)
      • On the USP Forms page, try clicking on either/both of the Text and Visual tabs on the content editor (e.g., try toggling back and forth between the two tabs)

      One of those should do the trick, let me know how it goes.

      • New UserMay 17, 2018

        Thank you, yes, it was a simple as toggling between the visual and text tabs. The one time I don’t try fiddling around!

        Really appreciate the quick response and easy fix. Looking forward to setting up my forms!

  12. Deborah HuberFebruary 15, 2019

    My submit form is displaying with a lot of space between fields. Any suggestions?

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 15, 2019

      Do you have a link where I can take a look? If private, please contact using the form at the bottom of this page, thank you!

  13. Natanel habakukFebruary 17, 2019

    hi, please explain where to enter the pro license key, i cannot find it under WordPress 5.0.3

    • Jeff Starr

      Jeff StarrFebruary 17, 2019

      It is located under the Plugins menu in the WP Admin Area. Here are complete steps to activate/deactivate your plugin license. Let me know if any questions!

      • Natanel habakukFebruary 18, 2019

        iv’e sent you a support email. cant find it still…

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrFebruary 18, 2019

        I just triple-checked and do not see any email from your registered address. Feel free to try again via the contact form at the bottom of the page, or if you want to post publicly here in the forums that’s fine too.

      • Natanel habakukFebruary 19, 2019

        emailed you again, i want to send a screenshot but cant upload here

      • Jeff Starr

        Jeff StarrFebruary 19, 2019

        I have sent several emails in reply to your messages. Please check your spam folder and make sure to mark our email as “not spam” to ensure future correspondence.

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