A list of all USP error codes and their respective definitions. See also: Error Messages for Custom Redirects.

USP Pro – Error Definitions

Error / URL Parameter Description
usp_error_1a Characters not allowed in Name field
usp_error_1 Name field required
usp_error_2 URL field required
usp_error_3 Title field required
usp_error_4 Tags field required
usp_error_5a Captcha field incorrect
usp_error_5 Captcha field required
usp_error_6 Category field required
usp_error_7a Minimum character requirement not meant in Content field
usp_error_7b Maximum character requirement not meant in Content field
usp_error_7 Content field required
usp_error_8a-{file-id} File type not allowed
usp_error_8b-{file-id} File size not met
usp_error_8c-{file-id} File size exceeds max allowed
usp_error_8d-{file-id} File size does not meet minimum requirement
usp_error_8e-{file-id} File required
usp_error_8f-{file-id} File name contains too many characters
usp_error_8g-{file-id} Minimum number of files not met
usp_error_8h-{file-id} Maximum number of files not met
usp_error_8i-{file-id} Square image requirement not met
usp_error_8 File(s) required
usp_error_8-{file-id} File(s) required
usp_error_9a Characters not allowed in Email field
usp_error_9 Email field required
usp_error_10a Characters not allowed in subject field
usp_error_10 Subject field required
usp_error_11 Image alt field required
usp_error_12 Image caption field required
usp_error_13 Image description field required
usp_error_14_{tax-term} Taxonomy field required
usp_error_15 Post Format field required
usp_error_16 Media Title field required
usp_error_17 File Name field required
usp_error_18 Agree to Terms field required
usp_required_{custom-field-id} Custom field required
usp_error_custom_{custom-field-id} Custom field required
usp_error_{prefix} Custom field required
usp_ccf_error_{custom-custom-field} Custom field required
usp_error_a User Nicename required
usp_error_b User Display Name required
usp_error_c User Nickname required
usp_error_d User First Name required
usp_error_e User Last Name required
usp_error_f User Description required
usp_error_g User Password required
usp_error_form General form error
usp_error_post post_duplicate = Duplicate post detected
post_required = Post required
usp_error_register error_username = Username error
error_email = User email error
error_register = Registration disabled
user_exists = User exists
usp_content_filter Forbidden terms in post content

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