A list of CSS selectors for error messages generated by USP Pro.

To see which selectors are used to display error messages in USP Pro, examine the following HTML:

<div class="usp-errors">
    <div class="usp-error-required">
        <span class="usp-error-prefix">
            <strong>Important: </strong> ...
        <span class="usp-error">Post Title</span>
        <span class="usp-error-sep">, </span>
        <span class="usp-error">Post Content</span>
        <span class="usp-error-sep">, </span>

That is the general markup used to fashion errors, so you can use any CSS selector that’s available. Also, if you are using an older version of the plugin, you may encounter this markup as well:

<div class="usp-error-warning">

Additionally, here are some articles that may prove useful when working with error messages and so forth: