Super quick tutorial today, explaining how to use WordPress’ “nextpage” functionality in USP Pro forms. This technique enables users to include the <!--nextpage--> shortcode directly in the form’s Post Content field. So when the post is submitted, WP’s nextpage functionality will split the post into numbered subpages and include a set of subpage navigation links.

Step 1

Visit the USP Pro settings ▸ Advanced tab ▸ “Post Formatting”. There, enter -nextpage- and save changes by clicking the “Save Changes” button. Notice that we are NOT including the angled brackets < and > that normally wrap the nextpage shortcode.


After completing Step 1, nothing else needs to be done. Your forms are now ready to accept <!--nextpage--> shortcodes when included in the Post Content field (i.e., the field displayed via [usp_content]). So your users can craft their own paged content for their submitted posts.