USP Pro version 1.9 released with more new features, improved functionality, and better performance.

USP Pro version 1.9 brings many great new features, including Backup/restore plugin options, Blacklist/filter for post content, better form security, meta boxes for custom fields, live content preview, more user shortcodes, tabbed Login/Register form, and custom field support for radio, select, and multiple-checkbox fields.

New Features!

  • New: Backup and restore theme options (under “Tools” tab)
  • New: Content filter to blacklist forbidden terms and phrases from post content (under “Admin” tab)
  • New: Function to replace author name when called with the_author_meta (see “Replace Author” option)
  • New: Function to replace author URL when called with the_author_meta (see “Replace Author” option)
  • New: Option to whitelist contact, registration, submission forms (see “Form Security” in General settings)
  • New: Meta box support for submitted custom field data (works with all Post Types)
  • New: Live preview feature for post content
  • New: User shortcodes: [url], [link], [name], [file-1] thru [file-3], [item-1] thru [item-3]
  • New: Tabbed Login/Register/Password form (template tag: display_usp_login())
  • New: Select/option fields via custom fields
  • New: Multiple checkbox fields via custom fields
  • New: Radio inputs for custom fields
  • New: Added %%post_content%% shortcode to admin/user email alerts and contact email
  • New: Added attribute to disable fieldset for any custom field
  • New: Added a bunch of new action and filter hooks


  • Moved “Contact Forms” option from Admin settings to “Form Security” in General settings
  • Deprecates usp-send-mail hidden field, replaces with usp-is-contact
  • Changes defaults to none (no value) for input class and label class on custom fields
  • Streamlines send_email_form() function with improved logic
  • Adds some new styles to usp-admin.css (meta box styles)
  • Changed paragraph tags to span tags in user shortcodes for images
  • Refactored USP_Custom_Fields Class
  • Replaced some instances of get_bloginfo('url') with home_url()

Bug Fixes!

  • Bug: empty custom prefix causing duplicate error messages
  • Bug: custom prefix as name not working when field name is prefix only
  • Bug: email alerts sent even when disable in the settings
  • Bug: null value for labels and placeholders not working on custom fields
  • Bug: empty value for custom prefix interferes with default custom field prefix
  • Bug: email included Additional Information heading even when no custom fields included
  • Bug: email alerts not sending for denied USP Posts (CPT)
  • Bug: email alerts sending for posts submitted from backend
  • Bug: type attribute displayed on custom field textareas

Additionally, plugin documentation and form demos were updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.1 (alpha), and the translation files (mo/po) were updated. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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