Very pleased to announce USP Pro version 2.0! This update was several months in the making, and brings all sorts of great new features and functionality. Read on to learn more about USP Pro 2.0 and all the latest..

Version 2.0 brings many improvements, bug fixes, and new features, including support for multiple file-upload fields, new lightbox-style Quicktag UI, schedule future posts, and file previews for audio, video, PDF, images, and more. Other highlights include new filter hooks, new error-specific CSS classes, new custom metadata for media uploads, per-form custom Post Status, plus new user shortcodes, and a gaggle of new shortcode attributes.

The new Quicktag UI is especially sweet. Just click any USP Quicktag and specify your options all in one go. Here is a preview:

USP Pro - New Quicktag UIUSP Pro 2.0 – Modal/Lightbox-Style Quicktag UI

New Features!

  • Adds support for multiple file upload fields
  • Adds custom file upload fields plus new attributes
  • Adds File Name custom field for Media uploads
  • Adds Media Title custom field for Media uploads
  • Adds drag_drop_upload functionality to the Visual Editor
  • Adds ability to use HTML in option for Default Post Content
  • Adds error-specific class names to error markup
  • Adds .usp-error-custom to the default custom-field error
  • Adds .usp-error-taxonomy to the default taxonomy error
  • Adds fieldset attribute to field shortcodes
  • Adds type attribute to category shortcode
  • Adds default attribute to category shortcode
  • Adds type attribute to tag shortcode
  • Adds default attribute to tag shortcode
  • Adds exclude attrubute to tag shortcode
  • Adds all value for terms attribute to display all tax terms
  • Adds exclude attribute for taxonomy shortcode
  • Adds support for user-specified taxonomy terms
  • Adds custom Post Status per form via custom field
  • Adds future post status to global/per-form options
  • Adds Schedule Posts and functionality to set dates for past posts
  • Adds User Shortcode to display any image from URL
  • Adds preview thumbnails for alternate file types
  • Adds preview thumbnails for all file-select methods
  • Adds attribute to disable file previews for any file upload field
  • Adds local min/max file atts to usp_files shortcode

New Filter Hooks

  • usp_custom_fields_files – filters return output for File(s) shortcode
  • usp_files_combined_array – filters the combined File(s) array during processing
  • usp_post_date_offset – filters time offset for the post date
  • usp_filename_default – filters the default filename for uploaded media
  • usp_mediatitle_default – filters the default title for uploaded media


  • Improves file previews, thumbnails for other file types
  • Strips whitespace from Custom Field key settings
  • Improves About > Plugin Information section
  • Removes some unnecessary attributes from Form Demos
  • Improves Quicktag dialogs with lightbox-style UI (see previous screenshot)
  • Updates plugin updater class to latest version

Bug Fixes!

  • Fixes incorrect path to custom stylesheet for TinyMCE
  • Fixes login/register form shortcode not working
  • Fixes USP Meta Box displaying with empty values
  • Fixes alt metadata attached as custom field
  • Fixes echo to return for various select() tags
  • Fixes required checkbox fields not working
  • Fixes “Please select” not displayed on some tag fields
  • Fixes custom post status not displaying on front-end
  • Fixes uploading of disallowed file types (e.g., .php)


  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path to file header
  • Updated plugin file headers with better information
  • Replaced default .mo/.po templates with usp.pot template

Additionally, plugin documentation and form demos were updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.2 (beta), and the translation files (mo/po) were updated. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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