Probably didn’t need a tutorial for this one, but I’m having a blast creating animated GIF images. So just ignore this post if you’ve already figured this out. Here you will see how to navigate paged log items in the Banhammer Armory (applies to both free and pro versions of Banhammer). Works exactly like you would expect :)

Navigate the Armory

To navigate through the Armory, click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons located in the Armory Toolbar.

Banhammer Pro - Navigate the Armory

Note that you can “jump” to any page by entering a number in the middle field, as shown in the GIF. Note also the difference between the “Reset” and “Refresh” buttons:

  • Reset — resets the view to the first page, removes any filters, search query, and/or bulk selection
  • Refresh — refreshes the current page, without removing any filters, search query, and/or bulk selection

So reset is useful for starting over; and refresh is useful for processing additional information, like Geo/IP lookups, et al.