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Quick tutorial showing how to set up forms for multiple campaigns with SES Pro.

So let’s say that you have your signup-form shortcode ready to go, maybe something like this:

[ses_pro style="1" prepend="{h4}My First Campaign{h4}"]

If you only need one campaign, that’s all you need to display the sign-up form on any WP Post or Page. But what if you want to add a second campaign? The trick is to add the form_id attribute, like so:

[ses_pro style="1" prepend="{h4}My First Campaign{h4}" form_id="1"]

You can name the form_id anything you want (alphanumeric and underscore characters), but keeping it short makes it easier to read when displayed on the Subscribers table. In any case, once you’ve added your form ID, it will be associated to all users who sign up using that particular form.

So to add another sign-up form to your site, say for a completely different campaign, you simply add a different form_id to the new shortcode, for example:

[ses_pro style="5" prepend="{h4}My Second Campaign{h4}" form_id="2"]

And that’s all there is to it. Now all users will be segregated based on form ID, so they can sign up to as many of your campaigns as desired.

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