SES Pro version 1.7 now available! The new version of SES Pro focuses on compatibility with WordPress 4.7 and improves some existing functionality to make it better than ever. Read on for all the juicy details..


SES Pro continues to function beautifully, but several beneficial changes were made to improve performance and accessibility.

  • Refactored enqueue_resources()
  • Refactored enqueue_resources_admin()
  • Added id attributes to signup forms
  • Added reference links to plugin settings page
  • Removed default styles for <abbr> on plugin settings (thanks Firefox)
  • Changed stable tag from trunk to latest version
  • Regenerated default language template

Additionally in SES Pro 1.7, plugin documentation was updated and further testing was performed on WordPress version 4.7. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for more details and complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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