USP Pro version 2.5 now available! This latest update focuses on bug fixes, security, and performance. USP Pro 2.5 also brings some great new features and improvements to make your front-end posting experience better than ever. Version 2.5 is a FREE download to everyone who owns the plugin. Read on to learn more about the latest and greatest USP Pro.

New Features

USP Pro version 2.5 adds the following much-requested features:

Bug Fixes

USP Pro 2.5 fixes the following bugz:

  • Bugfix: file uploads not working when key attribute specified
  • Bugfix: [name] shortcode not working properly
  • Bugfix: fields returning an error for “0” values
  • Bugfix: custom fields not attached for “0” values
  • Bugfix: shortcut variable not removed when empty value
  • Bugfix: PHP Notice: Undefined index for empty Custom Fields


USP Pro 2.5 brings the following improvements:

  • Improves function usp_enqueue_resources()
  • Improves USP Login/Register form functionality
  • Improves function usp_custom_fields_checkboxes()
  • Moves “Display Form on Success” to top of page
  • Introduces new utility include file utility.php
  • Improves display of code-related plugin settings
  • Reorganizes some plugin settings for better flow
  • Updates some settings labels for better clarity
  • Enhances <abbr> styles for USP Quicktag dialogs (thanks Firefox)
  • Adds if (!defined('ABSPATH')) die(); to files
  • Refines some form styles provided by plugin

New Hooks

USP Pro 2.5 adds the following action and filter hooks:

  • usp_login_redirect_login
  • usp_login_redirect_register
  • usp_login_redirect_reset
  • usp_file_name_primary_key
  • usp_alert_shortcut_replace_empty
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_edit_title
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_edit_text
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_delete_title
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_delete_text
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_modlink_sep1
  • usp_shortcode_display_posts_modlink_sep2

General Stuff

Other changes made to USP Pro version 2.5:

  • Changes false to array() in all wp_enqueue_style()
  • Changes sanitize_text_field() to esc_url() for URL field
  • Removes novalidate from “Custom Form Attributes” setting
  • Replaces data-validate="parsley" with data-parsley-validate in “Custom Form Attributes” setting
  • Replaces htmlspecialchars() with stripslashes() in validate_style()
  • Changes stable tag from trunk to latest version
  • Updates plugin license informations

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.6 and 4.7 (beta), and the .pot translation file was updated. USP Pro documentation and tutorials are soon to be updated with new information pertaining to this update. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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