Learn how to add a custom radio field to any USP Form.

Step 1

Use the following code for your Custom Field definition:

field#input_radio|radio_inputs#Option 1:Option 2:Option 3|radio_checked#Option 1|desc#My Label
Step 2

Add the custom-field shortcode to your form, for example:

[usp_custom_field form="123" id="1"]

After adding to your form and saving changes, something like this will be displayed on the front-end:

USP Pro - Radio Field

Note: To see a live example of a custom radio field, check out the “Starter” form demo, included in USP Pro version 2.3 and better (visit USP Forms ▸ “Starter Form Demo”).


Here are the attributes available for custom radio fields:

  • field — specifies the type of custom field
  • radio_inputs — list of radio inputs
  • radio_checked — specifies which radio input should be selected by default
  • data-required — make the radio field required
  • desc — adds a description/label to the group of radio inputs

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