USP Pro version 2.3 introduces a new Dashboard Widget that displays all submitted posts by the current user.

Pro Tip! Learn how to customize the USP Dashboard Widget »

Hello, Dashboard!

Now you can view a list of submitted posts right on the WP Dashboard. Here is a screenshot:

USP Pro - Dashboard WidgetUSP Pro Dashboard Widget (click image for detail view)

If you don’t see the widget, click on the “Screen Options” tab in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard screen, and check to enable the “Submitted Post Queue” widget. Likewise, to hide the widget, simply uncheck the box.

About the Dashboard Widget

By default, for USP Pro 3.7 and beyond:

  • The Dashboard Widget is displayed to all admins and editors
  • For admins and editors, the widget displays posts from all users
  • For all other roles, the widget will display any posts from the current logged in user
Important: The Dashboard Widget displays posts only from registered users who are logged in when they submit posts. This requires that the plugin setting “Use Registered Author” is enabled (located under the General tab).

Also: By default, the USP Dashboard Widget:

  • Displays submitted posts of all Post Types (e.g., Posts, Pages, USP Posts, and any Custom Post Type)
  • Displays the Post Title, Post Author, Post Date, and Scheduled Date (if applicable)
  • Displays the Post Status (e.g., Draft, Pending, Scheduled)

To customize this behavior, check out the techniques provided in this tutorial.

Enjoy! :)