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USP Pro version 2.3 introduces a new Dashboard Widget that displays all submitted posts by the current user.

Pro Tip! Learn how to customize the USP Dashboard Widget »

Hello, Dashboard!

Now you can view a list of submitted posts right on the WP Dashboard. Here is a screenshot:

USP Pro - Dashboard Widget

If you don’t see the widget, click on the “Screen Options” tab in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard screen, and check to enable the “Submitted Post Queue” widget. Likewise, to hide the widget, simply uncheck the box.

By default, the Submitted Post Widget:

  • Displays submitted posts of all Post Types (e.g., Posts, Pages, USP Posts, and any Custom Post Type)
  • Displays submitted posts only from the currently logged-in user
  • Displays the Post Title, Post Author, Post Date, and Scheduled Date (if applicable)
  • Displays the Post Status (e.g., Draft, Pending, Scheduled)

Developers can customize some of these features by tapping into the following filter hooks:


Enjoy! :)