USP Pro version 2.3 now available! This is another massive update that brings many improvements, bug fixes, and new features. The best version ever, USP Pro 2.3 focuses on improving performance, stability, and security. Read on to learn more..


USP Pro version 2.3 is available via automatic update in the WP Admin Area, or you can download and upgrade manually. As always, the new version of USP Pro is a FREE update for everyone who owns the plugin, so log in, upgrade, and enjoy the latest and greatest.

New Features

USP Pro 2.3 introduces the following features:

  • Adds a complete “Starter” demo form
  • Adds [usp_agree] shortcode for “Agree to Terms” box (more info)
  • Adds “USP:Agree” Quicktag button for [usp_agree] Shortcode (more info)
  • Adds “Require Square Image” uploads setting (thanks to Kent)
  • Adds Email Alert for scheduled posts (thanks to Kent) (more info)
  • Adds new alert shortcuts, %%post_submitted_date%% and %%post_scheduled_date%% (more info)
  • Adds new custom filters for custom defined email/alert shortcut/replacement
  • Adds %%__custom-field-key%% shortcut to include specific custom fields in email alerts
  • Adds “Submitted Posts Queue” Dashboard Widget to display list of draft posts (more info)
  • Adds new [usp_pro_display_posts] shortcode to display list of submitted posts (more info)

New Hooks

USP Pro 2.3 adds the following action and filter hooks:

  • usp_custom_agree_terms
  • usp_register_user_role
  • usp_post_meta_submit_time_format
  • usp_desc_default
  • usp_caption_default
  • usp_alt_default
  • usp_send_email_alert_vars
  • usp_send_email_approval_vars
  • usp_send_email_denied_vars
  • usp_send_email_scheduled_vars
  • usp_send_email_scheduled
  • usp_send_email_scheduled_before
  • usp_send_email_scheduled_during
  • usp_alert_shortcut_defined_pattern
  • usp_alert_shortcut_defined_replacement
  • usp_alert_shortcut_schedule_format
  • usp_file_name_primary_single
  • usp_file_name_primary_multiple
  • usp_file_name_custom_prefix
  • usp_file_name_custom_field
  • usp_file_name_custom_custom
  • usp_widget_drafts_number
  • usp_widget_drafts_time
  • usp_widget_drafts_type
  • usp_widget_drafts_user

Bug Fixes

USP Pro 2.3 fixes the following bugs:

  • Bugfix: tag ordering not working on front-end
  • Bugfix: errors not displayed for multiple files fields
  • Bugfix: About tab not displaying all server information
  • Bugfix: usp_classes() displaying incorrect error classes
  • Bugfix: incorrect $field attributes when calling usp_classes()
  • Bugfix: form styles not included when using shortcode or widget
  • Bugfix: form remembering not working with custom checkbox fields
  • Bugfix: PHP Notice: Array to string conversion for custom checkbox fields
  • Bugfix: replaces get_field_id('id') with get_field_id('title') in USP Widget
  • Bugfix: error when cookies are disabled on the user’s browser (thanks to Kent)
  • Bugfix: replaces wp_filter_nohtml_kses with sanitize_text_field for validation (fixes backslashed quotes)
  • Bugfix: field error classes not included for Post Format, Media Title, and File Name fields
  • Bugfix: adds missing validation for Password error field under More tab
  • Bugfix: max attribute not included on text and textarea custom fields
  • Bugfix: “post denied” alerts not firing for various post types

Form Improvements

USP Pro 2.3 brings the following improvements:

  • Simplifies existing demo forms
  • Adds default error styles to form errors
  • Refactors usp_custom_field_errors() function
  • Refines and synchronizes default form styles
  • Adds missing id attributes to some form fields
  • Adds “Simple” form styles option as new default
  • Adds .usp-textarea class to primary textarea fields
  • Updates UI/options for various Quicktag dialog boxes
  • Removes list Quicktags (ol, ul, li) from Form Builder
  • Changes post_required default error message for clarity
  • Adds default demo forms to “Extra Form Security” setting
  • Adds tag count and tag ID as data attributes on front-end
  • Adds desc attribute to checkbox and radio custom fields
  • The files_min attribute no longer is required to set a Files field as required
  • Removes error class from form, fieldsets, CC message, Remember input, and Reset link

Plugin Enhancements

USP Pro 2.3 brings the following enhancements:

  • Replaces icon with retina version
  • Updates the Updater Class to version 1.6.3
  • Refactored file-type checking functionality
  • Updates some settings descriptions for clarity
  • Custom Prefix and Custom Custom Fields now used as file key
  • Adds link on WP “Plugins” screen to USP Pro Quick Start Guide
  • Adds add_files_fields() function for adding file custom fields
  • Changes Min/Max Chars and Number of Tags inputs to number type
  • Replaces Remote Identity with Remote Address in About tab infos
  • Adds submit date/time to submitted post as custom field usp-post-time
  • usp-filename and usp-mediatitle file metadata now only added if not empty
  • Validation for custom custom field settings now removes invalid characters
  • Replaces current_user_can with is_user_logged_in in login widget/shortcode
  • Replaces multiple instances of get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user
  • Cleans up get_field_val(), moved reset functionality to new reset_form() function
  • Updated session check to support newer versions of PHP, added usp_is_session_started()
  • Improved performance of usp-process.php by replacing init with admin_init for certain functions

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.5 and 4.6 (alpha), and the .pot translation file was updated. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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