USP Pro provides flexible Email Alerts for user-submitted posts. Much is possible out of the box, and with the power of custom fields, you can set up highly customized email alerts that are perfect for any workflow. In this quick tutorial, we’ll see an example of this, where we dynamically add the name of the form in Email Alerts.

Step 1: Form setup

Let’s say you have multiple forms. You know, so it makes sense to include the form name in your email alerts, you want to know where the alert is coming from. To do this, add the following hidden field to each of your forms:

<input name="usp-custom-form-name" value="FORMNAME" type="hidden">

Then change FORMNAME to the name of the form. Or whatever you want that is form-specific. It will be available to you when crafting your email alerts. Also, make sure to use usp-custom-form-name as the input name.

Step 2: Alert setup

In your Email Alert, add the following code:


Wherever that is included in the alert, it will display the value of the usp-custom-form-name hidden field. For example, “FORMNAME”. So now you have form-specific data available for any of your email alerts.

That’s all there is to it. You can find more infos about each of these two steps in the USP Pro docs: