As of USP Pro version 2.8, it’s possible to create forms that submit child pages for any existing parent page. So for example, you could create multiple forms that submit child pages for each of your parent pages. This quick tutorial explains how to make it happen cap’n!

How it works

How does it work? Well, USP Pro enables Unlimited Custom Post Types, so each form can submit content as any of the following:

  • post
  • page
  • usp_post

..or any other Custom Post Type that is defined for the site. Before USP Pro version 2.8, forms that submitted content as the page post type always created parent pages. But now with version 2.8 and better, you can create forms that submit child pages to a specified parent page.

One-step tutorial

To enable your USP Form to submit child pages, you can add the following markup anywhere in the form content:

<input name="usp-custom-type" value="page" type="hidden">
<input name="usp-post-parent" value="8" type="hidden">

Then change the example value, 8, to the ID of your parent page. Nothing else needs done. Remember to save your changes!

About the code

The above markup adds two hidden fields to your form. The first field tells WordPress that this form should treat each submission as a WP Page (i.e., the page post type). The second field tells WordPress that each submission (page) should be a child of the specified parent page.