Plugin update! USP Pro version 2.8 now available! This update brings awesome new features, improved performance, better mobile support, new filter hooks, bug fixes, and so much more. If the plugin license is active on your site, you should see the new version available for upgrade in the WP Admin Area. If you own the plugin but do not have it activated, you can log in to the Members Area and download the latest version.

New Features

USP Pro version 2.8 brings the extra awesome:

  • Adds support to submit child pages
  • Adds support for rotated image uploads via mobile devices
  • Adds feature to disable submit button after first click
  • Introduces paid extension for auto-expiring posts
  • Adds function, usp_shortcode_empty_p_fix()

Google reCAPTCHA

USP Pro 2.8 updates and improves Google reCAPTCHA:

  • Improves Google reCAPTCHA functionality
  • Improves support for older versions of PHP
  • Updates Google reCAPTCHA library to version 1.1.3

Form Validation

USP Pro 2.8 updates and improves form validation:

  • Adds
  • Updates default Parsley.js styles (improves error display)
  • Adds parsley-i18n directory containing Parsley i18n files
  • Adds “null” to omit maxlength attribute on primary fields
  • Updates Parsley library to version 2.8.0


USP Pro 2.8 improves translation support:

  • Improves loading of translation files
  • Adds new filter hook, usp_i18n_locale
  • Adds language translation for Danish, da_DK
  • Adds language translation for Slovenian, sl_SI
  • Renews default translation template

New Hooks

USP Pro version 2.8 adds the following filter hooks:

  • Adds filter hook, usp_art_directed
  • Adds filter hook, usp_custom_alert_max
  • Adds filter hook, usp_widget_drafts_status
  • Adds support for WP filter hook, wp_handle_upload


USP Pro 2.8 brings new shortcodes and shortcode features:

  • Adds custom email alert shortcode, [usp_email_alert]
  • Adds support for multiple capabilities to [usp_access]
  • Improves shortcodes, [usp_access], [usp_member], [usp_visitor]
  • Adds %%edit_link%% shortcut for post edit link for email alerts

Bug Fixes

USP Pro 2.8 fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixes character encoding bug with multiple RTE fields
  • Fixes PHP Notice for usp_replace_author and usp_replace_author_link

Other Changes

USP Pro 2.8 brings some other changes:

  • Adds SVG file, usp-loading.svg
  • Adds placeholder text to USP Quicktags
  • Improves thumbnail previews for file uploads
  • Tweaks some label names in the plugin settings
  • Moves class USP_Custom_Fields into separate file
  • Changes .usp-login top and bottom margin to 25px
  • Changes esc_url() to esc_url_raw() for Redirect URL
  • Updates EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class to version 1.6.13
  • Adds array support for usp_widget_drafts_type
  • Minifies usp-pro.js for better performance
  • Impproves function, usp_get_art_directed()

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated and testing was performed on WordPress 4.9 (final) and 5.0 (alpha). USP Pro documentation and tutorials also are updated with new information pertaining to this update. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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