Quick news post to let you know about our new Extensions & Tools page! There you will find paid and free extensions and tools for BBQ Pro, USP Pro, and more. Continue reading to learn more about some of the awesome extensions currently available.

USP Pro Extension: Auto-Expire Posts

Auto-Expire Posts enables users to submit posts that expire at a specific date and/or time. Very useful for things like contest sites, special offers, and social media promotional adventures. Just add the shortcode [usp_post_expire] to your USP Form. It automatically will display a date-time field for the user to select a date. So there is no configuration required, but the shortcode provides plenty of attributes so you can customize things like the type of field, label text, and more.

USP Pro Extension: Custom Redirects

Custom Redirects displays “success” and “error” messages when using Custom Redirects for USP Forms. Works automatically, no configuration required: simply install, activate, and enjoy automatic “success” and “error” messages, displayed for all forms, even if they are redirected upon submission. Advanced customization possible.

USP Pro Extension: Custom File Names

Custom File Names adds a unique/custom prefix to all uploaded file names. Works automatically, no configuration required. Further customization may be possible, contact us for details.

USP Pro Extension: Limit Posts

Enables you to limit the number of posts that may be submitted by any user role(s). So you can limit registered subscribers to, say, 3 submitted posts, and limit authors to, say, 5 posts. Plugin provides a settings page where you can customize your post limits as desired.

USP Pro Extension: Custom Fields Helper

The USP Helper plugin makes it easy to display Custom Fields in submitted posts. Works to display Custom Fields on the frontend, backend, or both. It’s a FREE download for owners of USP Pro.

Free Tools

On the Plugin Planet Extensions & Tools page you also will find a growing collection of free tools:

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