USP Pro version 2.2 now available! This is a massive update that brings many improvements, bug fixes, and new features. This easily is the best version of USP Pro so far. Read on to learn more about all the latest enhancements and features..


Version 2.2 brings many changes under the hood, a majority of which are focused on performance, usability, and extensibility. The goal of this update is to make USP Pro faster, easier, and more flexible. All owners of the plugin get free automatic updates from within the luxurious comfort of the WP Admin Area. So log in, upgrade, and enjoy the latest and greatest version of USP Pro!

New Features

USP Pro 2.2 introduces the following features:

  • Google noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA (more info)
  • Meta Box support/display for any Custom Field (more info)
  • Setting to check submitted posts for unique Post Content
  • Support for displaying “Add Media” button for non-admin users (more info)
  • New include attribute for tags shortcode to specify tags per form
  • New include attribute for category shortcode to specify categories per form
  • New “Memory Settings” section added to General tab
  • New support for custom user-registration metadata

New Hooks

USP Pro 2.2 adds the following action and filter hooks:

  • usp_wp_editor_settings filter hook
  • usp_custom_editor_settings filter hook
  • usp_post_password_email filter hook
  • usp_post_password_subject filter hook
  • usp_post_password_message filter hook
  • usp_post_password_headers filter hook
  • usp_meta_box_title filter hook
  • usp_register_user_notify filter hook
  • usp_generate_password_length filter hook
  • usp_captcha_output filter hook
  • usp_captcha_params and usp_captcha_atts filter hooks
  • usp_meta_box_name and usp_meta_box_value filter hooks
  • usp_input_name_value and usp_input_email_value filter hooks (more info)
  • usp_allow_media_role filter hook
  • usp_allow_media_caps filter hook
  • usp_register_user_after action hook
  • usp_allow_media_role action hook
  • usp_allow_media_caps action hook

Bug Fixes

USP Pro 2.2 fixes the following bugs:

  • Fatal error for pre-existing taxonomy terms
  • Changes http to https for reCAPTCHA script version 1
  • Combo registration form error when user logged in
  • Min/max character limits counting appended whitespace
  • PHP Notice Array to string conversion for regex_filter()
  • PHP Notices for post_date and post_date_gmt
  • Undefined Index Notice in usp_placeholder()
  • Support for HTTPS URLs in get_field_val() and get_user_stats()
  • Widget title not displaying on frontend
  • USP Form Widget not displaying in WP Admin Area


USP Pro 2.2 brings the following improvements:

  • Adds email address shortcode/field to Classic form demo
  • Adds File Name and Media Title now attached as Custom Fields
  • Adds custom error for Content Filter to More settings
  • Adds support for HTTPS URLs in usp_enqueue_resources()
  • Adds query-string (non-permalink) support for usp_reset_button()
  • Improves user_exists and error_register default error messages
  • Improves performance of plugin settings pages
  • Improves headers in post_password(), send_email_form(), get_email_vars()
  • Improves settings UI to make all update notices dismissible
  • Optimizes add_admin_styles() for better performance
  • Optimizes add_post_filter_button() for better performance


USP Pro 2.2 brings the following enhancements:

  • Refines and streamlines all settings and descriptions
  • Refines default Quicktags displayed on USP Form screen
  • Refines license-activation UI
  • Changes HTML-format email headers from ISO-8859-1 to blog_charset
  • Changes hook for load_settings from init to admin_init
  • Changes admin_print_styles to admin_enqueue_scripts
  • Changes “USP” post-filter button now filters any post status
  • Changes “Before/After Errors” setting to “Miscellaneous Errors”
  • Changes default password length to 16 characters
  • Changes setting “Allowed HTML in post” to “Post Formatting”
  • Changes popular tags no longer displayed by default when no global tags selected
  • Updates heading hierarchy in plugin settings
  • Updates register_user() to account for changes in WP 4.3.1
  • Moves “Restore Default Settings” to Tools tab
  • Moves “Redirect Success” and “Redirect Failure” to Advanced tab
  • Moves “Default Form Fields” settings to Advanced tab
  • Moves “Content Filter” to Advanced tab
  • Moves admin post-filter styles to external USP stylesheet

Additionally, plugin documentation was updated, further testing was performed on WP version 4.4 and 4.5 (alpha), and the .pot translation file was updated. See the plugin’s readme.txt file for complete Changelog.

Thank you to those who contribute with feature suggestions and bug reports!

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