Banhammer Pro is a WordPress security plugin that enables admins to monitor traffic and ban any target with a click. So you can protect against threats and increase site security. Banhammer Pro brings awesome new features like whitelisting, bot detection, and editable targets. Plus, Banhammer Pro is lightweight, fast, and easy on resources. Perfect for the best WordPress sites.

Quick Tour

Banhammer Pro gives you full control of site access. Visit the Armory to monitor traffic and track suspicious visits. Find someone causing problems? Drop the Banhammer! All banned, warned, and whitelisted targets will be locked in the Tower, where you can manage, view details, leave notes, or even show mercy and restore site access. You always are in control.

How to use Banhammer

Here is an overview of how to use the plugin:

  1. Configure the plugin settings as desired
  2. Visit the Armory to monitor traffic and ban or warn any user or bot
  3. Visit the Tower to manage banned items

Some general notes

Two important points to understand:

  1. The Armory is a temporary snapshot of current traffic
  2. The Tower is a permanent record of all banned items

Note that further information is available in the Armory and Tower Help tabs.

Documentation & Help

Banhammer Pro includes complete inline documentation, such that each plugin screen provides contextual help via the “Help” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. At any time you can click the Help button for additional information on Banhammer Settings, Armory, Tower, and License screens.

In addition to the plugin’s inline docs, some Banhammer documentation is available here at Plugin Planet. You can find further information in the following locations:

Note that the Banhammer Docs are a work in progress; check back soon or grab the Banhammer Pro Feed to stay current. If you have questions or need help, log in and head over to the Support Forum or send an email for direct support.

To learn more, check out the Banhammer Pro Homepage »