Banhammer Pro is equipped with robust inline documentation that is available via the “Help” tab on any Banhammer settings screen. The Help tab is your shortcut to complete information on each of the Banhammer plugin screens. The information provided below covers the settings and features that are included with Banhammer Pro, but it doesn’t go into as much depth as the inline documentation.

For additional information on Banhammer Pro, check the Banhammer Pro Docs and Banhammer Pro Tutorials.
Note: The information on this page may not reflect the settings available in newer versions of the plugin.

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Available in the WP Admin Menu ▸ Blackhole Pro ▸ Settings.

Basic Settings

  • Enable Plugin – Enable or disable Banhammer
  • Ignore Users – Ignore logged-in users
  • Login Page – Protect the WP Login Page
  • Admin Area – Protect WP Admin Area

Banhammer Response

  • Banned Response – For all banned requests, display a message or redirect to any URL. Options include:
    • Default Message – Display a stylish banned message
    • Custom Message – Display any custom text/markup
    • Redirect – Redirect the request to any URL
  • Custom Message – Specify any text/markup for custom banned message
  • Redirect URL – Specify any valid URL for banned redirects

Email Alerts

  • Email Address – Enter valid email to enable alerts
  • Warn Alerts – Receive alerts for warned visits
  • Ban Alerts – Receive alerts for banned requests

Advanced Settings

  • Status Code – Select a status code for banned responses (default: 403)
  • Reset Armory – Time interval to auto-clear Armory (default: One Day) (see note below)
  • Reset Options – Restore default plugin options

Note: Auto-Clear Data

The “Reset Armory” setting tells Banhammer when to flush all data in the Armory. Remember, all Armory data is temporary. Clearing the Armory at a regular interval is important for performance. Any banned items will remain banned and available in the Tower. Here are some things to consider:

  • Sites with less traffic are fine with longer time intervals
  • Sites with more traffic should choose a shorter time interval
  • If in doubt, go with the default and adjust if/when needed


The Armory displays information about each visit to your site. So you can monitor traffic and ban any foul play. For complete infos, check out the official Armory documentation »


The Tower displays all banned or warned targets. So you can change status, add private notes, customize the banned response, and more. For complete infos, check out the official Tower documentation »


Available in the WP Admin Menu ▸ Banhammer Pro ▸ License.

Here you can enter your license and enable the plugin. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your license in the field and click “Save License”
  2. Click the “Activate License” button
  3. Done! Banhammer Pro is now enabled and ready to use

Important: remember to deactivate your license before uninstalling (deleting) the plugin.

For more information, visit the activation guide at Plugin Planet.

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