Banhammer Pro makes it fun to monitor traffic and ban any bad actors. So whenever you see someone or something acting a fool, you can click a button and ban them immediately. But what if you want to ban a user or bot before they appear in the Armory traffic log? No problem. This post explains how to add manually any IP address to the Tower, so you can block literally any IP whether they have visited your site before or not. It’s just good times.

Add IPs manually..

If you want to ban some IP that has not yet visited your site, you can do so by entering the following URL in your browser’s address bar:[KEY]&banhammer-ip=[IP]

Replace the following:

  • Replace [KEY] with your “Target Key”
  • Replace [IP] with the IP you want to block
  • Replace with your own domain

Note: You can find your Target Key in Banhammer Advanced settings.

For more info about adding targets, visit the Help tab on the Settings page.

Important! Never share your Target Key, always keep it secret. If you think your key may have been compromised, you can change it via the plugin settings.