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Blackhole Pro – Compatible Cache Plugins

To protect your site against bad bots, Blackhole needs to check each request. It does this using the WordPress init hook. When running a plugin that caches pages, the init hook may not be executed. So depending on the cache plugin, Blackhole may be unable to check the request. This post provides updated information regarding […]

Plugin Planet – Quick Start Guides

Here you will find a list of the recommended Quick Start Guides:

Blackhole Pro – Version 1.2 Update

Travel deeper into space with Blackhole Pro version 1.2! This latest version improves performance, adds some new features, and tests on WordPress 4.9 (alpha). All plugin owners can update Blackhole Pro automatically (if supported) in the WP Admin Area. Otherwise, members can log in anytime to download the latest version.

Blackhole Pro – Version 1.1 Update

Deeper into space! Blackhole Pro version 1.1 now available in a galaxy near you. Actually you’ll get the update automatically via the WP Admin Area, if your site supports it. Otherwise, all members can log in and download the latest version. Blackhole Pro 1.1 fixes some bugs, adds some new features, and ensures compatibility with […]

Blackhole Pro – Whitelist Other Plugins

Here is a quick guide that explains how to always allow (whitelist) other plugins when using Blackhole Pro or the free version, Blackhole for Bad Bots. This can help if you have plugins or services that require access to all links on the site (e.g., a plugin that scans for broken links).

Blackhole Pro – Custom Warning Message

Blackhole Pro includes makes it easy to choose the Warning Message that’s displayed to bad bots. And you can go even further and create a custom message that’s dialed in to something perfect. This tutorial explains how it’s done..

Blackhole Pro – Custom Email Alerts

Blackhole Pro enables you to receive an email alert for each blocked bot. The plugin enables you to choose the type of email alert, or customize your own using provided shortcodes. This tutorial explains how to “roll your own” custom email alerts.

Blackhole Pro – Whitelist Bots

Blackhole Pro automatically detects, traps, and blocks bad bots. There are some cases, however, where you may want to always allow access for a particular bot or IP address. This may come in handy for testing purposes, proxy servers, caching plugins, and so forth. This quick tutorial explains how to whitelist with Blackhole Pro.

New Plugin: Blackhole Pro

Boom! Just launched the Pro version of my WordPress security plugin, Blackhole for Bad Bots. Like the free version, Blackhole Pro protects your site against bad bots, spammers, scrapers, scanners, and other automated threats. This increases site security and saves precious server resources for your legit visitors. Blackhole Pro includes all features of the free […]

Blackhole Pro – General Topics

This forum is for general questions about Blackhole Pro. This includes but is not limited to installation, configuration, and anything else that doesn’t fit into one of the other forums. If you have a general question, please post it publicly using the form below. Or if you prefer, send an email to share privately.

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