Super excited to launch our latest plugin, Banhammer Pro! Like the free version, Banhammer Pro is a WordPress security plugin that enables admins to monitor traffic and ban any target with a click. So you can protect against threats and increase site security. The new Pro version brings some awesome new features, like whitelisting, bot detection, and editable targets.

Full Control

Banhammer Pro gives you full control of site access. Visit the Armory to monitor traffic and track suspicious visits. Find someone causing problems? Drop the Banhammer! All banned, warned, and whitelisted targets will be locked in the Tower, where you can manage, view details, leave notes, or even show mercy and restore site access. You always are in control.


Here are some screenshots that showcase some of the new features of Banhammer Pro. First is a shot from the Armory, showing additional fields for “Message”, “Notes”, and additional request data (click image for full-size view):

Banhammer Pro - Armory

And here is a shot from the Tower, also showing additional fields for “Message” and “Notes” (click image for full-size view):

Banhammer Pro - Tower

Check out more screenshots on the Banhammer Pro Homepage »

Pro Features

Here are the top features of Banhammer Pro:

  • Ban any URI Request, Referrer, or User Agent
  • Whitelist any IP Address or User Agent
  • View Cookies, POST Data, and FILES Data
  • Email Alerts for banned & warned requests
  • Display custom message to each banned target
  • Add private notes to warned/banned targets
  • Customize target strings for User Agents et al
  • Disable logging of banned, warned, et al
  • Smart bot detection
  • Paged results in Tower
  • User avatars in Tower
  • Self-ban safety net

Plus everything the free version can do, and you’ve got a powerful weapon against security threats and attacks.

Go Pro

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