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SES Pro is equipped with over 60 action and filter hooks.

Action Hooks

Action Description
simple_email_signup_submit fires action when form is submitted
simple_email_signup_load fires action when form is loaded initially
simple_email_signup_ajax fires action when form is submitted via Ajax
process_response_data fires action after getting values, before inserting into database
process_response_result fires action after inserting values, before returning result
subscribe_email_before_redirect fires action before the redirect in subscribe_email()
ses_subscribe_alert fires action during subscribe notification message
ses_unsubscribe_alert fires action during unsubscribe notification message

Filter Hooks

Filter Description
ses_db_structure filters the SQL query in install_database()
ses_default_forms filters the default forms array
ses_default_scripts filters the default scripts array
ses_default_styles filters the default styles array
ses_style_limit filters the maximum number of forms on Form Styles screen
ses_default_options filters the default form options via ses_defaults()
ses_get_ip filters the visitor IP address
ses_get_key filters the subscriber key
ses_get_date filters the signup date
ses_brackets_allowed filters the set of allowed HTML tags in the signup form
ses_get_brackets filters the HTML output in the signup form
ses_get_errors filters the signup form errors array
ses_get_submit_default filters the submit button style when display_submit is set to “true” (default value)
ses_get_submit_style filters the submit button style when display_submit is set to “false”
ses_get_reset filters the submit button value
ses_get_icon filters the Ajax loading icon URL
ses_get_script filters the signup form JavaScript
ses_get_style filters the signup form CSS
ses_get_custom filters the signup form custom CSS class
ses_get_popup filters the opening and closing HTML used for popup forms
ses_response_array filters the value of the display_form attribute
ses_allowed_chars filters allowed characters in Name and Custom Fields
ses_pro_shortcode filters the raw form output
ses_form_tag filters the processed form output
ses_data_array filters the $data array
ses_response_array filters the $response array
ses_optin_params filters the opt-in email URL parameters
ses_optin_email filters the opt-in email address
ses_optin_subject filters the opt-in email subject
ses_optin_message filters the opt-in email message
ses_optin_headers filters the opt-in email headers
ses_confirm_email filters the confirmation email address
ses_confirm_subject filters the confirmation email subject
ses_confirm_message filters the confirmation email message
ses_confirm_headers filters the confirmation email headers
subscribe_email_redirect filters the $redirect URL
ses_sub_shortcode filters the subscribe notification message
ses_unsub_shortcode filters the unsubscribe notification message
ses_view_email_shortcode filters the view-email link/message
ses_default_scripts filters the default script array
ses_popup_default_delay filters the default popup delay
ses_popup_script filters the default popup script
ses_slide_default_delay filters the default slide-in delay
ses_slide_script filters the default slide-in script
ses_transport_sendmail_path filters the default sendmail path
ses_sub_default_name filters the default subscriber name for email
ses_filter_message_content filters the default unsubscribe message
ses_unsubscribe_params filters the unsubscribe URL parameters
ses_unsub_shortcode filters the ses_unsub shortcode
ses_default_styles filters the default form styles
ses_popup_default_width filters the default popup form width
ses_popup_margin_top filters the default popup form top margin
ses_popup_margin_left filters the default popup form left margin
ses_popup_style filters the default popup form style
ses_slide_default_width filters the default slide-in form width
ses_slide_position filters the default slide-in form position
ses_slide_margin_left filters the default slide-in form left margin
ses_slide_style filters the default slide-in form style
ses_default_from_address filters the default “from” address (more info)
ses_optin_headers filters the default opt-in email headers (more info)
ses_confirm_headers filters the default confirmation email headers (more info)
ses_captcha_params Filters the reCAPTCHA script src URL, so you can customize the parameters
ses_captcha_atts Filters the .g-recaptcha <div> so you can add customize data attributes
ses_captcha_output Filters the entire reCAPTCHA markup
ses_default_email_format Filters the default email format
ses_default_email_transport Filters the default email transport
ses_with_front Filters the default value of with_front for the SES Email custom post type
ses_i18n_locale Filters the default locale via get_locale()
ses_optin_link_text Filters the default link text for opt-in emails
ses_dash_icon_settings Filters the plugin icon used on the WP dashboard (SES settings)
ses_dash_icon_email Filters the plugin icon used on the WP dashboard (SES Email)

I will be adding more hooks in future versions on an as-needed basis, so let me know if you have any requests and it shall be done :)