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While SES Pro includes hundreds of template tags, most of them are designed for internal use. The only template tag that you need to know about is ses_pro(), which is used as follows:

<?php ses_pro(); ?>

That will display the default form using the default attribute values. To customize the form displayed via template tag, you can use any of the same attributes that are accepted in the [ses_pro] shortcode, for example:

<?php ses_pro(array("style" => "1", "prepend" => "Sign Up!")); ?>

Just remember to be mindful of quotes, especially when using prepend, midpend, and/or append to add custom HTML to the form.

Here is an example showing proper use of quotes when adding custom HTML/markup to a signup form that is added via the ses_pro() template tag:

<?php ses_pro(array("style" => "1", "prepend" => "{h3 class='custom-class'}Sign Up!{/h3}")); ?>

Also, it is considered best practice to check if a function exists before calling it via template tag, for example:

<?php if (function_exists('ses_pro')) ses_pro(); ?>

That way, the web page will not break if the plugin is not installed.