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In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the default “From” email address for SES Pro. This enables you to customize the “From” header when sending SES Email to your subscribers. Note that SES Pro version 1.4 or better is required for this method to work.

Default Functionality

By default, the “From” email address is that of the author that is assigned to the SES Email. So normally when you create a new email message to send, you can choose any author via the “Author” meta box, which is located on the “Edit Post” screen. That makes default SES functionality very flexible, but there are times when you want to override the assigned author and specify your own custom name and address. Here is how to do it using SES Pro filter hooks.

Customize the “From” Address

To customize the “From” email address, we can use the ses_default_from_address filter hook. Here is an example that can be added via custom plugin or your theme’s functions.php file:

function ses_modify_from_address($array) {
	return array('email@example.com' => 'Mister Rogers');
add_filter('ses_default_from_address', 'ses_modify_from_address');

That’s all there is to it. You can customize the name, Mister Rogers, and the email address, email@example.com, that will be used for the “From” headers for all SES Email. Nothing else needs to be done; just add and enjoy :)

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