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USP Pro – Unlimited Custom Post Types

As of version 1.6, USP Pro supports unlimited Custom Post Types (CPTs). Here is a quick tutorial explaining how to set it up.

USP Pro – Custom Taxonomies

As of version 1.7, USP Pro supports Custom Taxonomies. So you can create forms that enable the user to select a taxonomy (or taxonomies) for the submitted post. Read on to learn how it’s done..

USP Pro – Custom Metadata for Submitted Files

This quick tutorial shows how to collect custom metadata for submitted files.

USP Pro – Add a “Remember Me” Checkbox

This tutorial explains how to add a “Remember Me” checkbox to any USP Form. This can be useful when collecting a lot of information, so that if there is an error when the form is submitted, the fields will be re-populated with any provided data. This can be a huge time-saver for the user, and […]

USP Pro – Action and Filter Hooks

USP Pro is equipped with over 150 action and filter hooks. This page is a work in progress, more infos will be added about the various hooks as time allows. If you have any questions or need any information about USP hooks, drop a line via our contact form.

USP Pro – Post Formatting

By default, Post formatting is enabled in USP Pro. Post Formatting enables users to include HTML tags and line breaks in their post submissions. When a user submits a post, they can include any tags that normally are allowed by WordPress when writing posts in the WP Admin Area. This quick tutorial explains how to […]

USP Pro – Replace Author

USP Pro includes an option to override the default Post Author with the name of the person who submitted the post. This post is a quick summary of the WordPress functions that are affected by this option.

USP Pro – User Shortcodes

USP Pro makes it easy to display submitted content anywhere using shortcodes and template tags. In this article, you’ll learn about “user shortcodes” that enable your visitors to display their uploaded information and files in their submitted post.

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