Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) collects voluntary user chat data (i.e., Name, Chat Message, and optional URL). It also gives the administrator the option to collect (or not collect) sensitive user data like IP address, host name, and so forth. When data collection is disabled, the only user data stored by this plugin are the voluntary chat data (Name, Message, URL). This tutorial shows how to do it.

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Disable collection of sensitive data

To disable collection of sensitive user data for all chat forms, visit SAC Pro settings ▸ Security ▸ “User Data”. Check box, save changes, done.

What difference will it make? The only place where sensitive user data is displayed is on the SAC Pro “Manage” screen, where you can toggle open details for each chat message. When allowing collection of user data, details like IP address and host name will be displayed for each message on the Manage screen. So when data collection is disabled, there will be less information displayed on the Manage screen.

FYI: Learn more about GDPR support for our pro plugins.