Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) gives you fine-grained control over allowed chat content. You can choose to allow (or not allow) images, links, markup, and much more. Of course, just like the free version of SAC, you can define lists of words and phrases that are never allowed in chat messages and user names. This tutorial goes through all the options for controlling chat content with SAC Pro.

Tip: Just getting started with SAC Pro? Check out the Quick Start Guide »

Ways to control chat content

To get to the control-content settings, visit the SAC Pro settings ▸ Security. There you will find the following options..

Links, images, and markup
  • Allow Links — Allow (or not allow) users to include links (URLs) in chat messages
  • Allow Markup — Allow (or not allow) basic markup (em, strong, del, ins, code) in chat messages
  • Allow Images — Allow (or not allow) image URLs in chat messages
  • Show Thumbnails — Display (or not display) thumbnails of images in chat messages
Banned words and phrases
  • Banned Names — Reserved names, not available to guest users (comma separated)
  • Banned Phrases — Words or phrases that are not allowed in chat names or messages (comma separated, read note below)
  • Banned Scope — What to do when banned words are detected in messages (allow message and remove banned words, or just block the entire message)

Note: for the Banned Phrases setting, you can use any of the following wildcard shortcuts:

  • %%email%% — matches any email address
  • %%any_character%% — matches any single character
  • %%any_characters%% — matches any characters (excluding whitespace)
  • %%any_number%% — matches any number
  • %%any_numbers%% — matches any numbers

Note: each wildcard shortcut may be used only once per pattern/phrase.

Filter settings
  • Emoji in Names — Allow (or do not allow) emoji characters in user names
  • Emoji in Messages — Allow (or do not allow) emoji characters in chat messages
  • Chars in Names — Allow (or do not allow) special characters in user names
  • Chars in Messages — Allow (or do not allow) special characters in chat messages

All of the above settings should be self-explanatory. If any questions, drop a line and we’ll reply asap, usually very quickly :)