Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) provides strong anti-spam security and ways to control chat content. Every chat message is encrypted with a secret private key. This helps to stop a wide range of automated spam. And for even more protection, you can enable Google reCaptcha v3. reCaptcha v3 requires no action from the user, and is a powerful way to keep your chat rooms virtually spam-free.

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Enable Google reCaptcha

Follow these steps to enable reCaptcha:

Step 1: Get your keys

In order to enable reCaptcha, you will need to log in to your Google account and configure your reCaptcha details. During this process, Google will provide you with a Public Key and Private Key. Make a note of these two keys, and never share the Private Key with anyone.

Step 2: Enter your keys

Now, to enable Google reCaptcha for all forms, visit the SAC Pro settings ▸ Security ▸ “reCaptcha Settings”. There you can enter your Public Key and Private Key in the provided settings. Note that both keys are required to enable reCaptcha. Remember to save changes.


After completing the above steps, Google reCaptcha will be active on all chat forms. reCaptcha v3 basically is invisible, displaying only a small icon in the corner of the screen. All of the antispam functionality happens silently behind the scenes. No interaction from the user is required for reCaptcha v3 to stop spam. Here is a screenshot to give you a better idea. Click image to view full size (opens in new tab or window).

Screenshot of Google reCaptcha v3Screenshot of Google reCaptcha v3. It’s basically invisible, displaying only a small “Privacy” icon in the corner of the screen.

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