Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) supports custom chat shortcuts, also referred to as !bang shortcuts. Chat shortcuts are bits of text that users can enter to get an automatic, predefined chat response, like an auto-reply. For example, if a user enters !help they will get a chat reply with a help message. Chat shortcuts are a fun and quick way of setting up auto-replies for your chat users.

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Define custom chat shortcuts

To define some auto-reply chat shortcuts, visit the SAC Pro settings ▸ Shortcuts.

There you will find the following settings:

  • Shortcut Prefix — Each bang shortcut will begin with this character(s)
  • Shortcut Keys 1–10 — You can define up to 10 custom shortcut keys
  • Shortcut Values 1–10 — You can define up to 10 custom shortcut values

The Shortcuts settings should be self-explanatory, and they apply globally to all chat forms.

If any questions, drop a line and we’ll reply asap, usually very quickly :)

Tip: For happy users, limit the shortcut prefix to one single character, and keep the shortcut keys as simple as humanly possible.