Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) forms can be configured to send email alerts (notifications) for each new chat message. This is useful for example, on chat forms that remain open over periods of time, like a guestbook or similar. That way you can keep an eye on things without having to visit your chat forms. Whatever the reason for alerts, this tutorial explains how to enable them for all chat forms or specific chat forms.

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Enable Email Alerts

To set the default (global) option for email alerts, visit the SAC Pro settings ▸ General ▸ “Email Alerts”. Enter at least one valid email address to enable alerts. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

To enable email alerts for a specific form, add the email_alerts attribute to the [sacpro] shortcode:

[sacpro form_id="123" email_alerts=","]

The email_alerts attribute accepts any valid email address, or multiple addresses separated via comma (as shown in the above shortcode example). Or set as false to disable alerts.

More attributes to customize your chat forms can be found in the SAC Pro shortcode reference.

Tip: In addition to sound alerts, you also can enable browser notifications and sound alerts.