Simple Ajax Chat Pro (SAC Pro) can be configured to display user avatars next to each message in the chat box. By default SAC Pro does not display user avatars. When avatars are enabled and the user is logged in to WordPress, their chosen avatar will be displayed next to each of their chat messages. Otherwise, if the user is not logged in, or if the user has not set their own avatar, the default generic “person” icon will be displayed. This quick guide shows how to enable user avatars for all chat forms or for specific chat forms.

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Display user avatars

To enable the default (global) option for chat forms, visit the SAC Pro settings ▸ General ▸ “Display Avatars”.

To enable user avatars for a specific form, add the user_avatar attribute to the [sacpro] shortcode:

[sacpro form_id="123" user_avatar="true"]

The user_avatar attribute accepts either true or false.

More attributes to customize your chat forms can be found in the SAC Pro shortcode reference.

Tip: You can display user roles and message dates on any chat box.