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SES Pro – Action and Filter Hooks

SES Pro is equipped with over 60 action and filter hooks.

SES Pro – Template Tags

While SES Pro includes hundreds of template tags, most of them are designed for internal use. The only template tag that you need to know about is ses_pro(), which is used as follows: <?php ses_pro(); ?> That will display the default form using the default attribute values. To customize the form displayed via template tag, […]

SES Pro – Settings

SES Pro provides an array of global settings to help you run your own email campaigns, newsletters, and more. In this Doc, we explore the various settings and tools provided by SES Pro. Further, form-specific settings are available via shortcode attributes, and other features are explained elsewhere in the SES Docs.

SES Pro – Requests & Feedback

This Forum Post is all about feature requests and feedback. If you have ideas for new features, or constructive feedback regarding the site, the plugin, or any of its features, you may post them publicly using the form below, or contact us directly to share privately. Thank you!

SES Pro – FAQs & Presales

“FAQ” post for Frequently Asked (and presales) Questions about SES Pro.

SES Pro – CSS Selectors

SES Pro comes with a live-preview form customizer that makes it easy to create and fine-tune signup forms exactly as desired. The live preview feature includes a “Style” panel, where you can edit the CSS that is applied to each form. In this post, you will find all of the default CSS selectors for SES […]

SES Pro – Slide-In Form

SES Pro makes it easy to give any form a slick “slide-in” effect, so that it slides up from the bottom of the screen after a specified amount of time. This tutorial explains how to do it in one step.

SES Pro – Lightbox Popup

SES Pro makes it easy to make any signup form a lightbox-style popup form. This tutorial explains how it’s done in one step.

SES Pro – Shortcodes

SES Pro includes several powerful shortcodes that may be used for displaying forms, displaying subscribe/unsubscribe messages, and adding unsubscribe links to emails. In this post, you will find a summary of all SES Pro shortcodes and their respective attributes. Note that all shortcode attributes are optional unless stated otherwise. Table of Contents Unsubscribe Link View […]

SES Pro – Installation

Installing SES Pro follows the same process as any other WordPress plugin. After downloading the plugin zip file, you basically have two options for installing: upload via FTP or use the built-in WP plugin uploader/installer. Here are the steps for either installation method. Install via FTP Download, unzip plugin directory /ses-pro/ Connect via FTP and […]

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