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USP Pro - Version 2.5 Update

USP Pro version 2.5 now available! This latest update focuses on bug fixes, security, and performance. USP Pro 2.5 also brings some great new features and improvements to make your front-end posting experience better than ever. Version 2.5 is a FREE download to everyone who owns the plugin. Read on to learn more about the […]

SES Pro - Version 1.7 Update

SES Pro version 1.7 now available! The new version of SES Pro focuses on compatibility with WordPress 4.7 and improves some existing functionality to make it better than ever. Read on for all the juicy details..

BBQ Pro – Version 1.5 Update

BBQ Pro version 1.6 now available! The new version focuses on compatibility with WordPress 4.7, and also brings a few other improvements.

Prismatic WordPress Plugin

Announcing Prismatic for WordPress! Prismatic is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to display beautiful syntax-highlighted code using either Prism.js or Highlight.js. Prismatic also escapes code snippets on the front-end, in the Admin Area, or both. There’s even an option to escape code snippets without syntax highlighting, so you can apply your own custom […]